Transfer Window: Rules & Regulations

A unique feature added to our game this year will be the transfer window. The main rationale behind this move was to allow players to maximize their squads to play all formations or make up for lack of players in their respective department of batting, bowling, wicket-keeping or all-rounding. Here are the basics: –

  • Trade window opens Feb 03 2015 [Midnight] and closes on Feb 11 2015 [Midnight].
  • Each player is allowed a maximum of 2 transfers only.
  • A trade is defined as one player for another player. A trade cannot occur where 1 player is traded for more than 1 player.
  • Each player may transfer with another player ONLY ONCE.
  • Each transfer requires 4 people’s approval to take effect. On successful transfer, a 100 unit fee is charged to each player involved in the transfer which is added to the auction pot. Note: Players involved in the transfer are not eligible for voting.
  • Each transfer between players is confidential. Only the transfer trade in question has to be made to the auction master.
  • Each player’s most expensive cricketer is not eligible for transfer(S). Example: If Amla is your highest player in the squad, then Amla is not eligible for any transfer(S).

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