Auction Teams Preview: Piyush

Piyush: Dilshan, Amla, McCullum, Rahane, Bell, Simmons, Dhoni, Matthews, Chihumbura, Milne, B Kumar, Benn, Lakmal, Panyangara, M Haq

Players Bought: 15

Pot Luck Team: South Africa

Most Expensive Player: H Amla [430]

Non Starting/Injury Risk Players: Simmons, Lakmal

Trades: 2 Left

Rating: 4/5

This team gives me the goose bumps! The batting line-up alone is enough to instill the fear of God in you, I mean if Dilshan don’t get you, you have Amla, McCullum, Rahane, Bell, Mathews and Dhoni! Wow. The bowling might allow the others to sneak up on this team but if trades can strengthen the bowling, then this is my team to win!


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