Auction Teams Preview: Sachin

Sachin: Gayle, Shehzad, Y Khan, E Morgan, D Miller, L Ronchi, S Afridi, D Sammy, Roach, Malinga, Boult, Vettori, Ashwin

Players Bought: 14

Pot Luck Team: Pakistan

Most Expensive Player: C Gayle [200]

Non Starting/Injury Risk Players: Vettori, Roach

Trades: 1 Left

Rating: 2.5/5

There are a lot of strange going-ons in this team. There was 400 units left in the purse, there are no players from the non-test playing nations. This team pretty much has all starters and is very solid in explosiveness. The million dollar question here is why was the 400 not spent? Why was this team not strengthened more to fulfill it’s potential? Yes, this team is good enough to win but why not insure it further when you have units left? There are many questions surrounding this team and hopefully one day that mystery will solve itself. Great combination of players but criminal not to strengthen it.

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