Round 1: Rahul Reaches For The Stars!

Name WC TEAM Points
Rahul New Zealand 1,252.00
Sachin Pakistan 1,164.00
Romy Australia 1,053.00
Anshul West Indies 981.00
Chirag Sri Lanka 772.00
Piyush South Africa 658.00
Rachit India 622.00
Dishin England 578.00

Everyone’s players having played one game and of course NZ played twice, the auction charts have a new hero. One who has not visited the hallowed realms of the penultimate positions, none other than our very own Rahul!

Rahul’s team has absolutely destroyed the field and his uncanny picks have confirmed his underlying knowledge of our beautiful game. His 3 all rounders [Marsh, Duminy, Hassan] have combined to give him a whopping 616 points! There’s no good news for his competitors as his non-starting Sri Lankan players [Senanayake, Perrera] are pencilled in to start the game against Afghanistan and this though good news for him is probably not comforting for us who chase. The only downside in the time is the 3 bowler pick strategy but so far it is not causing any harm. Hats off to you my friend! Rating: 5/5.

Sachin’s teams always do well in the auctions and this round was no different. His picks of Miller, Boult, Finn and Vettori combined for a cool 817 points which is more than 50% of his overall score! His trade of Finch and not spending his entire purse had raised some eye-brows but who are we to argue with the man who have never been out of the top 3 since the auctions started. The only downside is will this team have the legs in Vettori to play the entire World Cup and will West Indies go far so that his 3 players [Gayle, Roach, Sammy] can extract the maximum points for him? Time will tell. Rating: 4/5.

Romy’s teams have been magical in the sense that the gamble of trades have paid off. The two trade players in Finch and Taylor have brought him 393 points which is not bad business at all! The downside is that the chunk of points are coming from the Irish and the Bangladeshi’s which could prove deterrent in the later stages of the tournament. Rating: 3.5/5.

Anshul’s two all-rounders [Anderson & Maxwell] brought him a humungous 447 points and look in great form. The downside is NZ have played twice and Australia’s game looks like a washout, so round 2 might prove tricky to climb the charts. Rating: 3.5/5.

Chirag’s three non-starters in Roussow, Mills and Abbott have cost this team a higher position in the charts. The consistency is there in this team in Kohli, Misbah, Sangakarra, Masakadza and it looks in prime position to profit from their form. The downside is the slight injury to Steyn, the woeful form of Russell & Holder and the lack of starters might hurt this team in the deep end of the tournament. Rating: 3/5.

Piyush’s teams baffle the statistics and it is maybe a good sign for the others that this team will need to recover to catch-up. The good news is catch-up is easy as Amla, McCullum, Dilshan, Bell, Rahane, Simmons, Matthews can destroy the charts if they all click and thus this team will climb rapidly. The bad news is the non-starters in Benn and B Kumar have made this a one sided batting team which could fail if tosses are not in favor and team bowlers don’t allow these batsmen to shine. Rating: 3/5.

Rachit’s team is a source of frustration as starts for Warner, Samuels were not converted. The nervousness of the most in-form batsmen Rohit Sharma got him out whereas Jimmy Anderson bowled better than the stats would have you believe. The performances were there but the end result hurt. The good news here is that it is very early and this team is too good to be here. Watch for this team to climb. Rating: 2/5.

Dishin’s team has been here before but we all know his capability for great recovery. Round 2 might be tricky as his NZ batsmen [Williamson & Taylor] have played twice and the high chance of washout in Australia’s game could negate his powerful combo of Starc & Hazlewood. But make no mistake this team is designed to shine at the back end of the tournament and it will absolutely zoom in the latter stages of the tournament but till then it could be a nervous time for this team owner. Rating: 1/5.

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