Weekly Battle: Sachin V Rahul [24 Feb 2015]

BATSMEN 620 803
BOWLER 233 1066
TEAM 75 0
1839 2372

Rahul’s best formation of 3 Batsmen, 3 Bowlers, 4 All-Rounders, 1 Wicket Keeper brings him 1839 points with his all rounders out-scoring Sachin’s comfortably. His team New Zealand have 3 out of 3 wins and bring him 75 points compared to 0 points for Sachin. Due to the compulsory formation rule of minimum 3 batsmen and bowlers, this is hurting him. His 3 bowlers only give him 233 points and leaves on the bench 126 points!!! His bench has W Porterfield (-2 points), S Maqsood (65 points), D Smith (61 points), R Bopara (0 points) which is clearly hurting him due to the unspent points.

Sachin’s best performance of 3 Batsmen, 5 Bowlers, 2 All – Rounders, 1 Wicket Keeper brings him 2372 points. Sachin’s performance so far in the auctions is just plain scary. His crystal ball has gazed into the future and picked him a treasure of points. His 5 bowlers have 1066 points which is more than Dishin’s entire team of 11 at this point! His team points have brought him zero but that will soon change with Pakistan to play easy games. His bench has Y Khan (-14 points), A Shehzad (18 points), K Roach (-30 points), L Ronchi (96 points) which is not hurting him unlike Rahul.

The difference between the 2 players is a whopping 533 points and Rahul has 126 points he cannot use due to formation woes. This is playing into Sachin’s hands and could hurt Rahul in the long run for not buying more than 3 bowlers. Sachin has played the formation rules perfectly and even has a second keeper in Ronchi whose points he does not need as his Taylor has 194 points!

The future is looking good for Sachin as his players are playing consistently and for Rahul the formation woes may be too big a hurdle to cross.



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