Graphical Review: 25/Feb/14

Sachin Pakistan 0 803 1066 309 194 2372
Rahul New Zealand 75 620 233 744 167 1839
Anshul West Indies 50 442 563 447 86 1588
Chirag Sri Lanka 25 625 504 333 76 1563
Piyush South Africa 25 839 353 233 56 1506
Romy Australia 50 631 250 361 161 1453
Rachit India 50 389 576 70 12 1097
Dishin England 25 370 347 164 72 978




From the two charts, we can clearly see that Rahul dominates the All Rounder category and Sachin just pretty much blows everyone away in the bowling category. His bowling points of 1066 is the highest in all disciplines and is a huge reason for his number 1 position.

The charts are a little skewed in favor of players who did not buy into many Aussies & Bangladeshi’s, i.e. the rain affected teams and there will be catch-up once these teams play. Prior to the deadline of March 15, all teams are expected to play all 6 qualifying matches and look for the above table to turn a lot.

It is interesting to note that the total number of batsmen sold in the auctions have a cumulative total of 4,719 points compared to that of the 3,892 points total of the bowlers. The batsmen points are scattered closer together where we have a high of 839 [Piyush] and low of 370 [Dishin]. The bowlers points are where the data really shines, Sachin has a high of 1,066 points and the second highest is 576 points by Rachit, i.e. Sachin is a cool minimum 500 points ahead of everyone in the bowling department at this point. Mind Boggling!

Other interesting pieces of data:

  • Rachit has only 82 points contributed from his all rounders and wicker keeper!
  • Piyush has 839 points from his batsmen but only 642 points from his bowlers, all-rounders and wicket keeper combined!
  • Sachin has zero points from his Pakistan team and is still number 1!
  • Rahul has 233 points contributed from his bowlers which is the lowest among all and he still sits number 2 in the overall points!

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