Month: March 2015

King of the Pitch: Rules

A new game added to the auctions this year is the King of the Pitch. This will be a 200 unit game per person based on the below rules: –

1. 8 people enter the pitch and one will walk away the king!

2. The players will randomly draw *chits* numbers 1-8 where they will be playing in the format of 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 and 5v4.

3. After 10 games have been completed, their individual scores will be added for a best eleven to see who has qualified to the next round.

4. Games 11 -15 will be the semi-finals and will play according to the bracket explained at the auctions.

5. The finalists will battle it out with only 1-3 players!

More will be explained in detail at the auctions!


IPL Auctions: Q & A (Rules Edition)

Welcome to this year’s 2015 IPL Auctions! Please find below our FAQ: –

Q) Romy, what are the rules firstly?

A) You have 3,000 units to spend to buy 16 players (max). Pricing charts have already been mailed.

Q) How many teams will take part?

A) There will be 9 for sure as we have added Moiz/Hussein. But, we are in talks to unite the Saharias into one team to make the game better.

Q) I don’t understand, what do you mean by *game better*?

A) Well there are 8 IPL teams so 8 x 11 = 88 players who start 100% and there are 9 of us whose starting 11 will be 9 x 11 = 99 players which means there will be 11 dead players for each or more for some depending on the auctions!

Q) Screw your math Romy, make this simple!

A) Listen Bob, if we have 8 teams it is a better game but at 9 its a little experimental. Just chill, me and Dishin will figure something out.

Q) Who are Moiz and Hussein?

A) Well, they are brothers and are very close friends of the group. Hussein is taller. They are absolutely crazy about Cricket and all feel they will be great additions to the auctions.

Q) What about the rules on trades, injuries, etc?

A) You are allowed 2 trades starting from 05 Apr (2200 pm) to 07 Apr (2200 pm). The second trade window starts from 20 Apr (noon) to 30 Apr (noon). You may only trade with another player once. Your trades have to be foreign/foreign or domestic/domestic only. Per trade, you pay the CFO 100 units each. Internal details of trades are private.The first trade before the IPL starts required 4 yes’s and the one during the IPL requires all members to say yes.

On injuries, you will be given back the value of player injured to spend on players not sold. You will not be given another player if he is suspended, illegal action, etc.

Lastly, during the auction if a player is passed, his value is doubled on the second round of auctions.

Q) Fair enough, when and where are the auctions Romy?

A) Well Rachit, this years auctions take place at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club starting from 06:00 – 10:30 on the 5th Apr 2015. Auctions will begin promptly at 07:00.

Q) Haha Saale, you said promptly, what about Chiru and Bob?

A) Look man, I spoke to them and they have confirmed. Besides, we will have spare players just in case. We start at 07:00 pm sharp this time!

Q) Will there be food, drinks, etc?

A) Yes food and drinks will be there for all! And we are throwing in free use of toilets too.

Q) Ok, what do we need to bring?

A) Just bring yourself on time. Paper, pens, pricing charts will all be available.

Q) Anything else?

A) At 06:30 we will be conducting a small prize ceremony for past winners and Piyush as CFO will be doing his thing.

See you on the 05 Apr 2015!


The Genius Of Sachin: An Apology Deserved

C Gayle S Finn D Sammy L Ronchi
D Miller T Boult S Afridi B Taylor
A Shehzad L Malinga
Y Khan R Ashwin
E Morgan K Roach
D Vettori

According to the ICC rankings just before the World Cup started, Sachin’s highest rated batsmen is David Miller [ranked 23], his highest rated bowler is D Vettori [ranked 9] in the world and his all rounders do not even make the top 10. Add to these statistics:

  • Gayle has not hit a century for over a year;
  • E Morgan’s & Y Khan have no form whatsoever to speak of;
  • Shehzad is nursing an injury;
  • Malinga had not played for over six months;
  • Roach is not even up for team selection and is the lowest point getter in the auctions at -30;
  • Finn & Ashwin were one of the least economical bowlers in 2014 and were rotated at every opportunities by their respective countries;
  • Sammy & Afridi bat so low down the order, that even Cricinfo & ICC list them as bowlers!

The above gives us a grand total of 10 players who one would say had a buyer beware tag next to them! But here in lies the magic, the brilliance of our friend Sachin whose team not only sits atop the auctions but does so dominantly. His team cost an economical 1600 units to construct and his players were bought astutely to reflect his position at the top of our table.

A genius is a person who displays exceptional superior intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.

The above is the definition of genius from Wikipedia and I think is apt for my wonderful friend who never ceases to amaze me. He may or may not finish top by the end of the World Cup but one thing is for sure, that he deserves an unabashed apology from me for the low rating I bestowed upon him before the start of the World Cup. I humbly apologize my friend and well done so far!

Sachin’s team rating: 4.5/5.