King of the Pitch: Rules

A new game added to the auctions this year is the King of the Pitch. This will be a 200 unit game per person based on the below rules: –

1. 8 people enter the pitch and one will walk away the king!

2. The players will randomly draw *chits* numbers 1-8 where they will be playing in the format of 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 and 5v4.

3. After 10 games have been completed, their individual scores will be added for a best eleven to see who has qualified to the next round.

4. Games 11 -15 will be the semi-finals and will play according to the bracket explained at the auctions.

5. The finalists will battle it out with only 1-3 players!

More will be explained in detail at the auctions!


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