Month: April 2015

The Early Bird Review: IPL Auctions 2015

The auctions this year were interesting as we broke the 8 player barriers and entered into unchartered territory with 9 players. The addiction of the savvy new pair, Moiz-Hussein proved a master-stroke in the sense the community became better with the banter and unique sportsmanship.

Some things never change in the auctions – the bad luck which always hounds a Saharia has found home in Rachit this year. With players previously thought to be starting 100% now strangely missing due to injury or rotation has even seen famed websites like Cricinfo reluctant to post team previews for said reason.

Anshul, Chirag, Piyush bring up the tail end of the table this year where we can see Chirag who money-balled his way to winning the World Cup 2015 auctions paying the price for being an absentee at the auctions. A commendable job was done by Vicky but the auctions missed my great friend dearly. Piyush has gone the way of consistency this season and his team brings steady points each day. Bob has an opposite team with a wham bam thank you ma’am approach. Time will tell which strategy will pay dividends.

Moiz-Hussein & Sachin are pretty close with the genius of Sachin always making him a contender and the debutant luck shining on the brothers with the Royals performances on the pitch. The lack of batsmen for Sachin & lack of bowlers for Moiz-Hussein ironically places them close to each other in the table. Same mistake, same position.

Rahul & Romy are doing their best to battle for first place and have done well in combining  a team with players challenging for both orange and purple caps. Rahul has an advantage as he has more than 11 players playing and more importantly performing. It is heart-warming to see this great player contending after the misfortunes of last year. Welcome back Rahul.

Last but not least you have the almighty Dishin where once more you can see what a savvy experienced player can do. Gone are the big buys and put all the eggs in one basket strategy of the World Cup 2015 auctions and instead you have intelligent researched budgeted picks in Anureet, Bailey & Morris. This is a deep thoughtful team which got its bit of luck with Dhawan at the auctions and is favorite to win for the simple reason it has openers, swing bowler, middle-order batsman, all-rounders. The weakness in the armor is the wicket-keeper which thankfully might give the others a chance. A small chance.

IPL 2015: Transfer & Trade Window Rules


1. Eligibility for transfer: The player must be released from his respective team.

2. Upon release, the auction player must decide to either pick from the unsold players or the like-for-like replacement. This must be done before the released players team plays the next game.

3. Reasons for release are inclusive of international call-up, injuries, action issues, discipline issues.

4. Players will not be replaced after the 14 game round-robins.


1. The second trade window is from Apr 20 to Apr 30 and requires everyone to agree to the transfer.

2. Example: Romy’s Warner (100 points, 3 games played) is traded for Dishin’s Kohli (200 points, 3 games played) on Apr 22. The team sheets on Apr 23 will read Romy’s Kohil (100 points + points from game 4 onwards) and Dishin’s Warner (200 points + points from game 4 onwards). Your transfer of the player will let you keep the points you earned from that player till the game you transfer him.

3. Overseas-Overseas and Indian-Indian players only.

4. 2 transfer per person with 100 units given to the CFO per transfer. Trades can only occur once between the same players.

Sachin: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) AB DeVilliers, K Nair, S Khan, W Saha, K Pollard, R Ashwin, M Shami, T Boult, U Yadav, J Unadkat, A Nehra

(Likely Subs) Q De Kock, T Southee

Indian Players: 8

Foreign Players: 5


King of the Pitch: Dishin

Strengths: BOWLING! There are 100 wickets here which could easily lead to a huge total and if K Nair and ABD can click, this team will be consistent in getting points week in, week out. The wicket-keeping option is great with both Quinton & Saha capable of hitting big scores.

Weakness: The batting can really hurt this side and the transfer window might be an opportunity. A batting all-rounder is missing.

Rating: 4.0/5.

Romy: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) D Warner, D Miller, G Gambhir, S Badrinath, E Morgan,MS Dhoni, D Smith, R Dhawan, H Singh, K Sharma, A Dinda

(Likely Subs) A Mahmood, CM Gautham, J Bumrah, I Abdullah, G Sandhu

Indian Players: 10

Foreign Players: 6

IPL Team: MI

King of the Pitch: Versus Anshul & Chirag/Vicky

Strengths: The batting is the strength here and if Dhoni & Smith come good, this could be formidable. There is consistent wickets in H Singh, K Sharma.

Weakness: High rotation risk players and bowling is a struggle. Imbalanced in too much batting, Lacks depth in all rounders and bowling, Could be a very expensive trade window for this team!

Rating: 3.0/5.

Rahul: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) V Sehwag, C Gayle, M Agarwal, A Nayar, R Uthappa, D Bravo, D Sammy, R Bopara, S Sharma, M Morkel, Coulter-Nile

(Likely Subs) U Chand, P Rasool, V Malik, RT Doeschate, A Morkel

Indian Players: 7

Foreign Players: 8


King of the Pitch: Versus Rachit

Strengths: Openers, Openers and Openers!!! Gayle, Uthappa and Sehwag should ensure the big points if they click. D Bravo will be bringing his all rounding skills and contributing handsomely to the total. He was the highest wicket taker in 2013 and is good for at least half a dozen catches in the outfield.

Weakness: Hard to see a consistent eleven playing all the games here. If the big guns in this team do not click, this team could struggle. Even in the top eleven, Coulter-Nile, Bopara, Agarwal, Nayar could be rotated or benched. The trading window will be crucial here.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Rachit: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) M Hussey, R Sharma, A Rahane, N Ojha, S Watson, A Matthews, Y Pathan, D Steyn, V Aaron, S Narine, A Nechim

(Likely Subs) B Cutting

Indian Players: 6

Foreign Players: 6


King of the Pitch: Versus Rahul

Strengths: A balanced team with strength in batting, bowling and backed up by very good all-rounders. Narine, Watson and Rohit Sharma more than capable of posting big numbers in the tournament.

Weakness: A Nechim, M Hussey, I Pathan could be rotated/benched and if players get injured, the lack of bench strength in the team could hurt. Narine’s action problems could make him less effective.

Rating: 4.0/5.

Piyush: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) M Vijay, Du Plessis, K Jadhav, Vihari, Rayudu, I Pathan, S Al Hassan, A Mishra, V Kumar, D Kulkarni, Y Chahal

(Likely Subs) K Williamson, Karanveer Singh, Wiese, I Pandey, K Yadav

Indian Players: 12

Foreign Players: 4

IPL Team: RR

King of the Pitch: Versus Moiz/Husein

Strengths: Tremendous bench with all 16 likely to play at some stage. Should get points from all fields of play.

Weakness: Lacks big name players and a pure wicket-keeper if Rayudu only bats.

Rating: 4.0/5.

Moiz-Hussein: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) Finch, Manish Pandey, Steve Smith, SK Yadav, D Karthik, Yuvraj Singh, S Binny, J Faulkner, M Johnson, Z Khan, K Abbott

(Likely Subs) S Tiwary, S Abbott, Cariappa

Indian Players: 8

Foreign Players: 6

IPL Team: Kings Punjab

King of the Pitch: Versus Piyush

Strengths: Debut team with great point players in Yuvraj, Smith, Faulkner, Johnson, Smith. Good introduction.

Weakness: Could lose players to rotation.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Dishin: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) Kohli, S Dhawan, Bailey, A Tare, Duminy, A Patel, C Anderson, C Morris, Malinga, B Kumar, Anureet Singh

(Likely Subs) M Tiwary, M henriques, M Henry

Indian Players: 7

Foreign Players: 7


King of the Pitch: Versus Sachin

Strengths: Bench strength is good, lots of options in all rounders with Duminy, Anderson, Tare. Kohli, Dhawan, Malinga, B Kumar are the bread and butter of this team.

Weakness: Could do with another batsmen and bowler.

Rating: 4.0/5.

Chirag/Vicky: IPL 2015 Team


(Probable X1) Raina, Vohra, Roussow, Samson, Jadeja, Andre Russell, Rajat Bhatia, Mohit Sharma, Chawla, Ojha, S Nadeem

(Likely Subs) Iyer

Indian Players: 10

Foreign Players: 2


King of the Pitch: Versus Romy & Anshul

Strengths: Raina, Vohra, Samson, Jadeja are money in the bank players. Russell and Chawla could explode for big numbers.

Weakness: Only 1 bench player. Bhatia & Nadeem could be rotated.

Rating: 3.5/5.