How 2 Beat Sachin At The Auctions

It is that time of the year again that the IPL comes around and we all here at the Setting Gang get busy trying to make a team. Romy works on spreadsheets 24/7 to find a way to beat Dishin and the other thing that happens for sure is, Sachin will win the damn thing by thinking outside the box so entirely that it will all make us wonder why did we not think of that! So here are some great tips to beat the great man, i.e.

  • Pray that entire week to your respective God/Gods and make sure you are generally a good person the week of the auctions.
  • Hope that luck will be on your side of the auctions as you will need it.
  • Hope that Sachin pot draws a team that will finish bottom and have most of its games rained off.
  • Do not let him buy players capable of all rounding you off the point system. Players like Gayle, Maxwell, D Smith, Y Singh and so on.
  • If he tries to buy a player and bids first, make sure he does not get it. If we all work together, WE CAN BEAT HIM! (Like you, I also do not believe this even though I write this)
  • Throw off his concentration at the auctions by offering him food or drinks at key moments of the auctions.

All this things added up will ensure others have a chance to win this in their lifetime.

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