Top 10: Things that happen on every Setting Gang Auctions!

10. Chirag or Bob will be late.

9. Chirag will spend 80% of his auction money in the first hour.

8. Romy will save his money till the end and blow it on a player who he will trade for desperately the next day by calling everyone.

7. Dishin will finish higher than Romy in the auctions.

6. Rachit will buy Chris Gayle and Gayle will have a high score of 30 in the whole tournament. Anyone else will buy Chris Gayle and Gayle will score a double century and take wickets for fun.

5. Rachit will remind everyone for the 10,347,345th time his favorite team is Kolkata.

4. Vicky will leave in the middle of the auctions.

3. Sachin will buy a piss poor team, we will all make fun of him and after 2 weeks we will all realize he is the real fuckin wizard of Oz and we are the damn monkeys.

2. Some one will buy 4 players from a team and we will realize it after we go home.

1. A vegetarian will win the auctions.

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