IPL 2015: Transfer & Trade Window Rules


1. Eligibility for transfer: The player must be released from his respective team.

2. Upon release, the auction player must decide to either pick from the unsold players or the like-for-like replacement. This must be done before the released players team plays the next game.

3. Reasons for release are inclusive of international call-up, injuries, action issues, discipline issues.

4. Players will not be replaced after the 14 game round-robins.


1. The second trade window is from Apr 20 to Apr 30 and requires everyone to agree to the transfer.

2. Example: Romy’s Warner (100 points, 3 games played) is traded for Dishin’s Kohli (200 points, 3 games played) on Apr 22. The team sheets on Apr 23 will read Romy’s Kohil (100 points + points from game 4 onwards) and Dishin’s Warner (200 points + points from game 4 onwards). Your transfer of the player will let you keep the points you earned from that player till the game you transfer him.

3. Overseas-Overseas and Indian-Indian players only.

4. 2 transfer per person with 100 units given to the CFO per transfer. Trades can only occur once between the same players.

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