Month: May 2015

2015 IPL Auction: Dishin Triumphs to Victory!

The auctions conclude with the victory spoils going to Dishin. There could not be a more deserved winner as his points haul completely decimated the opposition and this record will take many years to break! Congratulations my friend, and go easy on us in the future for I do not think a band-aid has been invented to stop the pain from such a beating!

Runners-up Romy and Sachin finish 2nd and 3rd to complete the podium. Remarkably, Sachin now in the three auctions has finished first in 2014 IPL, finished second in World Cup 2015 and now finished third in 2015 IPL. Consistency personified Mr. Sachin!

In the three auctions now, Piyush, Rachit, Rahul have never finished in the top three! The debutantes had a season to forget as Moiz-Husein finished last.


IPL 2015 Auctions: What we learnt?

1. Keep a top 5 winning distribution! Otherwise people get bored at the bottom.

2. The transfer system was widely criticized. Recommendation: remove completely.

3. The substitution system is flawed, complete revamp required.

4. King of the Pitch was met with approval. Starting phase should not be 11 players as then only the top players will win early rounds. Recommendation: Start with 5 players, then 3 players till knock-out.

5. Update on whatsapp are better than website.

6. People complained that too much *random* chat was happening on whatsapp so need a better system so some people are not bothered.

7. Format of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, 1 wicket-keeper seems perfect.


IPL 2015 Statistics: Did you know Top 10?

10. Dishin spent 35 units for M Henriques who bagged him 637 points!

9. No wicket-keeper got more than 500 points this season. This is statistically the worst season for wicket-keepers in the history of the IPL.

8. Sachin spent 45 units on Nehra who scored 661 points. This is more points than Sachin’s Boult, U Yadav, Southee, P kumar who in total cost 1,050 units!

7. Romy’s 3 all rounders registered the lowest scoring contribution from all-rounders with 369 points.

6. Out of Rahul’s 16 bought players, only 3 players (Bravo, Sharma, Uthappa) played all games. He had the most dropped players in the history of the setting gang auctions.

5. Rachit had the worst spend to point ration in the game with only 4 players (Rahane, Pathan, Watson, Mathews) earning more points than units spent!

6. Piyush had the most number of players in the final with 5 even though Pandey was on bench. His Wiese, Pandey, Jadhav almost scored 1,000 points yet costing only 190 units which was almost 30% of his total!

7. Moiz-Husein’s sub pick in GW5 of M McClenaghan netted them 368 points and after the final he could be the leading point scorer in their team even though he did not play in the first four gameweeks!

8. Chirag-Vicky bought 12 players in the auctions – seven scored over 200, 5 scored less than 75! They are the only team in the auctions who have negative point contribution in their best eleven.

9. Anshul’s Maxwell had the worst return to spend ratio (0.21) as he was a whopping 710 units and generated only 150 points this season. Out of the 3 compulsory bowlers, he could only take 2 as his other 2 did not play a single game: Awana & R Sharma.

10. Dishin spent 95 units on Henriques, Bailey & Anureet and they netted him 1204 points! He only had to leave 416 points on his bench…no wonder he won!!


Finals Preview: IPL 2015 Auctions

The final day beckons and also heralds the end of the auction season for our setting gang. With back to back auctions, World Cup & IPL, today will mark the end of a hectic season indeed. Let us review so far the 2015 IPL season: –

Name Total Points
Dishin 5111
Romy 3988
Sachin 3937
Rahul 3844
Chirag/Vicky 3425
Anshul 3307
Piyush 3295
Rachit 2951
Moiz/Hussein 2766

Sitting pretty at the top is the fantasy God, Dishin who has simply blasted away all competition to set a new record point tally with 5,111 points. He will be crowned champion after tonights game and has had a fantastic IPL 2015. He has set records in terms of total points, all-rounder points, single most points in a day, most points on bench after first X1 – phew! All this is even more impressive considering his compulsory wicket-keeper has only scored 14 points! Astonishing.

The second place is an open battle and could go anyways between Sach, Romy & Rahul. Sachin has momentum and is on a war path since the qualifiers ended. Rahul’s only remaining player is D Bravo whose performance today will determine his fate. Romy has Smith, Dhoni & Bhaji while Sach has the in-form Nehra, Ashwin, Pollard trio.

The rest of the positions this year will be trivial as a flawed pot distribution system hurt the popularity of the auctions this year.

Top scoring batsman: D Warner with 882 points – Romy

Top scoring bowler: A Nehra with 661 points – Sachin (Nehra also has one more game to play!)

Top scoring WK: R Uthappa with 484 points – Rahul

Top scoring All-Rounder: A Russell with 851 points – Chirag/Vicky