Finals Preview: IPL 2015 Auctions

The final day beckons and also heralds the end of the auction season for our setting gang. With back to back auctions, World Cup & IPL, today will mark the end of a hectic season indeed. Let us review so far the 2015 IPL season: –

Name Total Points
Dishin 5111
Romy 3988
Sachin 3937
Rahul 3844
Chirag/Vicky 3425
Anshul 3307
Piyush 3295
Rachit 2951
Moiz/Hussein 2766

Sitting pretty at the top is the fantasy God, Dishin who has simply blasted away all competition to set a new record point tally with 5,111 points. He will be crowned champion after tonights game and has had a fantastic IPL 2015. He has set records in terms of total points, all-rounder points, single most points in a day, most points on bench after first X1 – phew! All this is even more impressive considering his compulsory wicket-keeper has only scored 14 points! Astonishing.

The second place is an open battle and could go anyways between Sach, Romy & Rahul. Sachin has momentum and is on a war path since the qualifiers ended. Rahul’s only remaining player is D Bravo whose performance today will determine his fate. Romy has Smith, Dhoni & Bhaji while Sach has the in-form Nehra, Ashwin, Pollard trio.

The rest of the positions this year will be trivial as a flawed pot distribution system hurt the popularity of the auctions this year.

Top scoring batsman: D Warner with 882 points – Romy

Top scoring bowler: A Nehra with 661 points – Sachin (Nehra also has one more game to play!)

Top scoring WK: R Uthappa with 484 points – Rahul

Top scoring All-Rounder: A Russell with 851 points – Chirag/Vicky

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