Champions League Draft: Rules

Welcome to the 2015/16 Champions League Draft where you will all: –

  1. Pick 15 players on a draft order decided by Dishin.
  2. The first round of 15 players drafted will be till the qualifying stages.
  3. Prior to the knockout rounds, each player can drop a maximum of 5 players and re-draft on a order decided by Dishin randomly.
  4. A waiver wire will be set up each week where you can drop ONLY 1 player for another from the unsold pool. The waiver wire order will be set by Dishin randomly

The points will be as follows: –

Goal (Defender): 7 Points

Goal (Midfielder): 6 Points

Goal (Forward): 5 Points

Assist: 4 Points

Clean Sheet (Defender): 6 Points

Clean Sheet (Midfielder): 2 Points

Hat-Trick: 10 Points

Yellow Card: -3 Points

Red Card: -5 Points

60 Minutes Played: 2 Points

Penalty Kick Bonus: 2 Points

Penalty Kick Miss: -4 Points


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