The Royal Rumble: 2016


The new feature for our World Cup T20 Auctions will be *The Royal Rumble*!

Results after the NZ-AUS ODI Series were surprising as we had a tie between Dishin and Bob! The odds for that to happen are less than a person getting up in the morning and choosing a red shirt to wear! And if that wasn’t enough, Piyush just managed to beat Chi/Vic (albeit with a little assistance from Swappy!) by four points! Sachin was the other winner and he beat Rachit by just under a 100 points.

On the flip side to that of course was the dismal performances by Romy and Rahul who managed to bring up the rear in their respective groups. Even though Mo-Hussey came last in their group, it was not a bad effort at all. Their pick of Khwaja was to be commended but that entire group missed Matt Henry is a mystery.

After the first qualifier, we have our first entries into the Rumble, i.e.

Number 1: Rahul – Number 2: Romy – Number 3: Mo-Hussey – Number 4: Rachit – Number 5: Chi/Vic

The winners of the group (Dishin, Bob, Sachin, Piyush) will play the SA-ENG T20 drafts. Each player will choose six players. Draft date will be released on chat.

T20 World Cup Auctions Sheet [Click this link to see your score on the Royal Rumble Tab!]



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