Auction Master: Swappy

                               We got him!

The T20 World Cup Technical Auction Committee (Dishin, Rachit & Romy) is proud to announce after lengthy contractual and legal meetings, Swapneel Shah has agreed to takeover as Auction Master for 2016 T20 World Cup. The committee had ear-marked Swappy (his nickname) for this high profile job and finally this week after months of talks between the two parties a resolution was reached which sealed the deal for both parties.

Swappy in Focus: HE will be the first ever questionably Non-Aryan not residing in the Indian Archipelago on a permanent basis to host the auctions.His foreign accent will bring sounds un-heard in the hallowed halls of the auctions and should make for a memorable evening.

Side Note: The fees agreed for Swappy’s services are confidential and if leaked, the leaker is liable to die from a heart attack upon learning the numbers. The T20 World Cup Technical Committee takes no responsibility.



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