1. All players are categorized into:

DIAMOND: Players Base Price set at 100 Units.

GOLD: Players Base Price set at 75 Units.

SILVER: Players Base Price set at 50 Units.

BRONZE: Players Base Price set at 25 Units.

  1. The auctions start on March 2nd 2016 at roughly 6 pm at Arabian Ranches Golf Course. We kindly request everyone to reach promptly before 6 pm.
  2. All 9 players in the auctions are allowed to buy a maximum of 15 players. The only condition is all are solely responsible to buy 3 BATSMEN, 3 BOWLERS AND 1 WICKET KEEPER. The remaining can be comprised of any combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, All-Rounders or Wicket Keepers. All classifications made are final.
  3. All 9 players can spend a maximum of 2,250 Units only.
  4. The auctions kicks-off with random people picking 3 players starting from the pots marked DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. Example: Rachit picks three players first from the pot marked DIAMOND, then Bob three from GOLD, then Rahul three from SILVER, then Sachin three from BRONZE and then back to DIAMOND and this cycle will continue till all players have been auctioned.
  5. An unsold player will be demoted to one pot below from the one he remained unsold from. Example: A DIAMOND pot player unsold will be relegated to the GOLD pot and so on. Players unsold will be auctioned only after first round of picks are completed.
  6. The auction master’s sale of a player is final once sold.
  7. We do urge all players to keep breaks and interruptions to a minimum so as to conclude auctions in a fair and quick manner.
  8. Players classified as DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE will be released by FEB 2016 second week as all official teams have to be announced by Feb 6-12, 2016. We highly encourage players to debate if they feel a player has been wrongly classified.

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