Players Preview: Dishin – Sachin – Piyush


The favorite to win this year at auctions once more and how he would love to add this victory to his collection of numerous achievements ranging from IPL 2015 Auction Champion, Cricinfo Fantasy Champion, Official Cricket World Cup Fantasy Champion, UEFA Champions League Champion [3 Years], Yahoo Fantasy Football Champion [5 Years], Official Barclays Fantasy Premier League Champion [Undefeated] and last but not least the winner of the coveted Because You Are Who You Are 2015 Winner! The list is literally endless.


Strengths: In depth knowledge of the game, reads and understands rules better than anyone else. Excellent research on conditions and balance of money at auctions.

Weakness: None.

Odds to Win: 1/1



The best auction player in the history of the setting gang auctions. Statistically the highest rated as well as the most fearless. His domination of the IPL 2015 auctions still goes down in our history as tactically one of the shrewdest moments where he picked up seven bowlers at a rat-a-tat pace. The overpaying of Trent Boult in that auction cost him maybe another batsman which would have surely seen him In the top two. What he will do this year is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure – it will be f***ing memorable.


Strengths: Out of the box thinking, fearlessness, excellent money distribution.

Weakness: A busy lifestyle could lead to lack of research pre-tournament.

Odds to Win: 1.5/1



This is my pick to win the auctions this year and my bold claim is backed by his unbelievable performances in cricket drafts and overall encyclopedic knowledge of cricket in the past year. Well connected, informed and a strategic development in his game will see him challenge the great pillars and institutions of our auctions namely Dishin & Sachin. His memorable mix-up with Dhawan in last year’s auctions was a rare misstep for him but he made up for it by winning the first ever King of the Ring 2015 competition.


Strengths: Information is organized and processed via excellent connections to twitter and other internet reading sites.

Weakness: Can get confused with over complicated rules, mathematical question mark on concentration over large pockets of time.

Odds to Win: 1.5/1

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