Players Preview: Rachit – Chi-Vic, Bob-Sidd, Rahul, Mo-Hussey


The very definition of excitement and living in his kingdom of happiness is our residential favorite Rachit. A slight deterioration in excitement of cricket has questionably lowered a very deep knowledge of cricket. Never finished in the top three of any auctions and this could be the year to change that. Clearly one of the most familiarized with the names in our auctions of players but that knowledge has never yet translated into a win. Last year saw a less aggressive strategy from the previous ones where he found gems but at the cost of four dead players.


Strengths: Extensive player knowledge and great enthusiasm for the game.

Weakness: Over-thinking a little and obsession with Indian based players. Only bids when interested in a player!

Odds to win: 4/1



High-rollers and money ball experts pulled off a huge coup when they won the last World Cup 2015 with brilliant picks of Guptill, Dhawan and company. They will definitely start as underdogs but look out as these guys can achieve the impossible!


Strengths: Keep it uncomplicated and simple!

Weakness: Player knowledge and punctuality.

Odds to win: 7/1



Magic is this guy’s middle name as in each auctions has days where he outscores all and then has days when he won’t score at all! Past auctions has seen him be let down bu his big guys but his strategy his sound. A partnership with Sidd could give him a boost to finally win the auctions.


Strengths: Addition of Sidd, extensive cricket knowledge, good gut feeling.

Weakness: Punctuality.

Odds to win: 4/1



Just one word here – Luck. If this guy gets his luck in check with injuries this is his auction. No flaw really, always has a great team just let down by injuries!


Strengths: Great team selection ability, balanced cricket knowledge.

Weakness: Luck on injuries.

Odds to win: 5/1



The brothers will arrive with a point to prove at the auctions after their spectacular collapse at the previous auctions. With a year worth of experience in their vaults, they will look to turn things around this season.


Strengths: Amazing knowledge between the two. Research ability very high.

Weakness: Can be one dimensional when bidding. Will be distracted if a football game is going on during the auctions.

Odds to win: 5/1

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