Rachit’s Corner: Tips for World Cup T20 [Exclusive]

  1. Australia [One sided game, guaranteed!]
  • Maxi – The game changer.
  • Warner – Pocket Dynamite.
  • Faulkner – Watch out for this specific all-rounder.

“2. England [We believe in inventing games we cannot win.]

  • Sam Billing – Hard hitter of the cricket ball and sweet timer.
  • Eion Morgan – On his day can make any bolwing attack look ordinary.
  • Jos Butler – Boy this guy is an amazing hitter of the cricket ball.

3. Pakistan [We lost but boys played well!]

  • No players.

4. India [We won’t give it back, we won’t give it back….Um, take Ishant Sharma if you want!]

  • Rohit Sharma – Lazy elegance is what you will find in this player. One of the best timers of the cricket ball.
  • Virat Kholi – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Cricketer for all seasons.
  • MSD MSD – Well well . Looks like another World Cup coming Home baby……..He is capable of winning it .
  • Jasprit Bumrah – Only few blowers can execute Yorkers well in India , and he is one of them.

      5. New Zealand  [Original chokers. Since 1975]

  • Guptill – Recently everyones Favorite. Amazing batsmen and amazing fielder.
  • Willamson – Only few current players come close to the class of Kholi and he is one of them.
  • Boult – One of the finest swing bolwers currently.

6. Sri Lanka [Best until the finals!

  •  Mathew – All responsibility will be on his shoulders if Sri Lanka need to reach anywhere.
  • Malinga – One his day can throw those Yorkers at will.

7. Bangladesh [The fact is we are not the tigers, we are the cubs!]

  •  Shakib Al Hasan – One of the best All Rounder’s in the World.

8. South Africa: Inspiring new ways to choke, always!

  • AB Dillivers – Known as the “The Magician” in the cricketing World.One batsmen who  makes batting look so easy all around the wicket.
  • Imran Tahir – Watch out for this spinner on the India tracks.
  • Amla – Is capable of scoring 50 in every game.
  • Miller – “When in the Arc it goes out the Park “ and boy ohhhhhhhh boy he does what he says.

9. West Indies [Gayle Bimaar, hum baahar!]

  • Gayle – Ohhhhhhh is there anyone in the world who hits the ball has hard and long as him. Believe Me He has a long and hard one aswell.
  • Russell – Slowly and steadily has become one of the best all rounder’s in the World. Close to Gayle for hitting the ball hard and high.
  • Dwayne Bravo – Specialist for T20 with his variations with the ball and hitting with the bat.

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