IPL 2016: Rules & Regulations

It is almost on us and in preparation for March 21, 2016, we have the rules for this year below designed by the technical committee of myself, Dishin and Rachit.

Budget: 3,000 Units

Spreadsheet Link: IPL 2016 Players

New Rule: Wicket keepers have been removed from the game and added as batsmen! No more wicket – keepers!

Formation: Minimum4 Batsmen, Minimum 3 Bowlers, rest 4 can be anything.

Players: Minimum 11, Maximum 16

Players maximum from one team: 4

A big thank you to Rahul for arranging the venue!

NOTE: The technical committee took the bold step of removing wicket-keepers and converting them to batsmen as we felt the one wicket-keeper option between nine players was suffocating this category. With so many wicket-keepers and only 9 being used, it felt a lot of good players left unsold. Example: Mumbai has Parthiv, Buttler, Sharma, Rayudu and thats one one team from eight! We hope you all agree to this and we are confident that this will make the auctions better!


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