IPL 2016: Are Vegetarians Hypo-critical?

I know, I know what you are thinking: here is another article trash talking the vegetarians and mindlessly slandering these innocent slaughterers of the plant kingdom. But one cannot refute hardcore evidence which I present below:

Veg  Team: Kohli, Gayle, Rahane, Dhawan, Watson, Russell, Pandya, Jadeja, Singh, Nehra, Bumrah

The majority of the team the veg have chose are non-veg, yes you read that right, they are non-veg! The veg team ironically have fielded a team of non-veg to try and win this competition. This is conclusive proof of the levels the veg team have now stooped to for victory, is their allegiance to the kingdom of vegetarians so flimsy that a tournament victory is more important. Or is the right thing to do for them is to concede and pay up for being hypo-critical? The cricket Gods are judging..

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