EURO 2016: Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Euro 2016 Auctions and good luck to all participating this year! Please find below the rules that will be required for you to understand so that you many stand a chance of winning !

Players: Mo – Hussey – Romy – Abhi – Bharat – Dishin – Sidd – Swappy

Budget: 3000 units are available for all to spend with an entry fee of 500!

Team Composition: You MUST buy a minimum of 11 players and can buy a maximum of 16 players. If you buy the maximum number of 16 players you will automatically enter a draft!

Draft: Upon buying 16 players, you will enter a draft with others who have also bought 16 players. Your draft order number will be chosen randomly at the auctions and then you can pick seven free players unsold at auctions and three world cup teams.

Extra Points: For each time your chosen World Cup Team wins, you get 2 points. You will also have to answer three questions:

Winning Euro Team: correct answer awards 5 points

Runner Up Euro Team: correct answer awards 5 points

Golden Boot: correct answer 5 points [IF more than one striker is awarded the golden boot all people who had the right answer get 5 points]

Auction Time: be there at Sidd/Bharat’s residence by 6pm. We start at 6:30pm.

Google Sheets Link: EURO 2016 SpreadSheet


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