Season 4 Game 3: Mo v Rajesh

Finally we had a cracker jack game and were spared the monotony of one sided slaughters. Comeback kings, goal-keeping heroes, long range sharpshooters and a beloved South Indian, we had it all folks! At half-time things were looking gold for Rajesh’s team as they were up 6-1 (yes 6-1!) and then the second half brought the winds of change to somehow get Mo’s team to win the darn thing 6-7 despite him being red carded for five minutes! All were winners today like Rajesh said, and that my friends is a touch of class! Well done all.

Ratings out of 5

Mo (3.0) Rachit (4.0) Swappy (4.5) Sid (4.0) Abhi (3.5) Nics (4.5)

Rajesh (3.5) Vicky (3.5) Rahul (4.0) Sachin (3.5) AK (3.5) Piyush (3.5)

Flop of the Week: I really absolutely cannot bring myself to fault anyone this week. All were bloody legends today. My only moot point would be the red card for Mo which should have cost him the game but somehow inspired his team to make an enthralling comeback!

Star of the Week: Swappy. I mean good Gods, how good is this lad, eh? The stamina, passing, composure, dribbling, assisting, shooting, I am still gobsmacked to how good he is! No one could catch him and finally it dawned on me to why he is single, no woman can catch him! Slippery bugger 🙂

Honorable Mention: Nics, an absolute delight in goal. He kept quiet, went about his job and kept a clean sheet in the second half! Severely under-rated and I feel he has found his niche. I, for one would like to see him keep more. Excellence personified tonight, well done mate!

Sidd Corner: Absolute rubbish in the first half with a few decent runs but nothing really worth writing about in the first half. Second half, lets see – he kept, defended, played winger, assisted and won the game with a corking finish! A few antics on the touchline riled up the opposition defenders and then scored the winner. An enigmatic frustrating player but gotta hand it to the old chap today, even Mo gave him a hug! Special player reminding us all why he really is a top three pick. Zlatan finally scored for United this week and our Ztathakar was not going to be left behind, was he?

Red Cards: Mo

Late Comer: None!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

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