Season 4 Game 4: Sidd v Rahul

One team left with a sensation of relief and the other rued a missed opportunity. Well that’s the definition of a draw for you. 4-4 it finished, and one looks back and thinks any side could have snatched that. Heroic marking and defending from Rahul’s team and lightning finishes from Sidd’s team. Both teams lacked the clinical finish and the sucker-punch to win the game – those bastard goal-keepers, they just ruin the fun for all don’t they?

Ratings out of 5

Sidd (4.0) Swappy (4.0) AK (4.5) Zia (3.5) Nics (4.0) Romy (3.5) Hussey (3.0)

Rahul (4.0) Rachit (3.5) Mo (4.5) Vicky (4.0) Rajesh (4.5) Bharat (3.5) Piyush (4.0)

Flop of the Week: The state of refereeing. No whistles & mass confusion ran amok today among the masses. Though we are grateful for a referee, a better solution needs to be reached. The tournament suffers in quality no fault of personnel but a better hand is needed for the game is full of hooligans who will abuse the system if not reined in.

Star of the Week: The defending quartet of Rajesh, Vicky, Zia, Nics. Absolute heroes the lot of them. Took punches to the body, intercepted, distributed the ball and hell Swappy/Rahul did not even score today ! I cannot remember the last time that happened. Hats off defenders, I don’t wear a hat but if I did 🙂

Honourable Mention: AK. It was a bird, a plane nah those were bullets being fired by AK today, Damn that boy can hit a football, well done!

Sidd’s Corner: We all know when he is captain, something special happens and it did – our first draw of the season! The shenanigans started earlier with the younger Sudhakar cancelling, then wanting to play. Oh how we love the chaos when Sidd is captain! Played well, missed a sitter, stole a goal, showed his backside to a free-kick and subsequently scored an own-goal, tied his laces 5 times, annoyed Vicky, shouted at the ref, come to think of it Sidd had a normal game. Nothing to report here folks, move on!

Yellow Cards: Nics

Late Comer: None!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

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