Season 4 Game 5: Piyush V AK

The one-sided affairs are back. After two cracking weeks of interstellar football, we got a dud this week. At times it left like a table-tennis ping-pong style game with the ball just rebounding off of defenders, posts, keepers and the whole nine yards. One team waited for the misery to end and the other was busy racking up the goals!

Ratings out of 5

Piyush (5.0) Swappy (5.0) Mo (5.0) Bharat (5.0) Hussey (5.0) Chirag (5.0) Romy (4.0)

AK (3.5) Sidd (3.0) Vicky (3.5) Rajesh (3.5) Sachin (3.5) Rachit (3.0) Zia (2.0)

Flop of the Week: The system of team-selection is the big loser here. There is a flaw in our system and for the third time this season, another lop-sided game came to pass. There are fixes incoming next season but human error cannot be removed. Most will bear through the pain this season but make no mistake, if these team selection issues are not fixed we will all be losers in the end. An outcry was whispered by Rajesh and maybe there is a point here, a re-selection if things looks imbalanced – maybe, maybe not but others need to stand up and voice a solution.

Star of the Week: The Huss. What a comeback from someone who had been bashed throughout the season for being a serial fouler and then KABOOM! this performance comes along. He absolutely shielded the left side and extinguished any flames of attack from a charged-up AK who humanly could not have done anything more, Defended heroically plus supported well in attack while playing a clean game devoid of yellow cards nor did he retaliate violently – in fact he apologized when he did not have to! A star was born today and his name is THE HUSS.

Sidd’s Corner: He strolled in late and rumors are abound on social media that he stopped for a Masala Dosa with a pint of Guinness. A murky image of this is also making the rounds on Social Media. Enough of that, after he strolled in late and took his time to change he tortoise’d himself into the game by staying mostly off-side in the first half and then out of nowhere scored the first goal! My point here is that this talent is wasted in theatrics, gorging on South-Indian / Irish cuisines and it needs to focus on football. Second half, drifted everywhere and kinda gave up in the end. Still 4th in the league table and if motivated to get serious, can really surprise all and win the damn thing. But like all readers of Sidd’s corner know, life is not fun for Sidd without a bit of hell-bent buccaneering in the absurd.


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