Season 4 Game 6: Bharat v Romy

This game was started and mired in controversy ever since the fixture was announced. The animosity between these two captains ran deep superficially at least. Romy dropped the first bomb with team selection picked out of the box picks thanks largely to an obsession to loyalty as well as wanting to be in the spotlight. What a drama queen! Rachit dropped the second bomb with still being injured leading to a shuffle in formation not seen since Mel Gibson played the lead role in the poker movie Maverick! So what happens when you mix:

Romy+Bharat+Romy team selection+Rachit injury 

You then get this amazing formation, i.e.

Vicky in attack + Romy in defense + Rachit in goal +A fit Zia + A cameo by Mushtaq

Which equals to

A game of epicness!! Bharat 4 Romy 3 but it was so much more than that!

Ratings out of 5

Bharat (3.5) Swappy (5.0) AK (4.5) Chirag (4.5) Sidd (4.5) Abhi (3.5) Nics (3.5)

Romy (3.5) Rajesh (5.0) Vicky (5.0) Rachit (4.5) Piyush (5.0) Zia (4.0) Sachin (4.5)

Flop of the Week: I think an injury of this nature has not happened for awhile and something must happen to prevent such a situation. A solution has been put forward to set up an arbitration committee comprising of Piyush, Rajesh and Rachit. Once more, Bharat is not being blamed or singled out here but the situation is being used to create an awareness and hence a solution. This is not a witch hunt.

Disappointment of the Week: Nics has had an extraordinary season sometimes even surpassing what mere mortals are capable of. He has broken the design of God and done super human things this season. But, his reaction to Vicky in chat is a disappointment as well as uncalled for. There is no room for such behavior among civilized people and once more my gratitude to Vicky is extended as he has let this go. But Nics, I have not that I assure you. You have been warned.

Star of the Week: Romy’s team came together and left the game with their heads held high. They defied the odd books to play their hearts out. Fuckin heroes the lot of them! The crime sometimes with words are that their limited to sometimes explain how good they were. Piyush and Vicky excelled in the work rates, Sachin played a blinder before getting injured, Zia was a maverick up front, Rachit was the Wall and Rajesh was taller than Everest! Heroes, the lot of them!

Sidd’s Corner: A maturity has dawned and the man coated in controversy and wrapped in drama was someone you can look up to today. A wonderfully played all-round game but hell we missed the theatrics! Good Stuff 🙂

Moment of the game: Rachit’s heroics in goal being shadowed by the one which went under him. The moment was his reaction when he punched the ground in frustration. A man to be followed and a man after my own heart. Head up old chap, you were a star today!




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