Season 4 Game 8: Sachin v Chirag

The last game of the season followed the pattern of unpredictability and once again showed that team selection can mean squat if people do not come on time or are not properly motivated. Chirag’s team won the game 8-3 but Sachin has a dreadful start as peoplewere late to the game and a proper formation could not be established. And like a snowball unleashed from the top of a mountain which becomes an avalanche at the bottom this football game was very much like that. Heart & Soul from Chirag’s team made them the deserving winners.

Ratings out of 5

Chirag (5.0) Rajesh (5.0) Bharat (3.5) Sidd (4.5) AK (4.5) Rachit (5.0) Huss (4.5)

Sachin (4.5) Piyush (3.5) Abhi (3.0) Mo (3.0) Rahul (3.0) Swappy (1.5) Romy (2.0)

Flop of the Week: People coming late – were they late when they were captains? Though only a few minutes late this is absolutely bananas that someone can not make on time whereas others have come on time when they were captain.

Star of the Week: Chirag and Rajesh are the new pillars of creation. They were and make no mistake about this absolute paragons of defending. The way they defended kept a clean sheet in the first half and allowed marauding attacks on the other side. Their tackling was clean and showed once more why they should never be picked on the same team.

Sidd’s Corner: Pavarotti might be dead but there is a new tenor is town who can bellow among the finest. Siddarth Sudhakar has arrived. The man was on fire, making runs, goal keeping and scoring a few just to cap a fine performance all round. My personal favorite and tip to win the season and be warned, the Sidd is Hungry.


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