Season 5 Rules & Regulations


The new season starts with the fading memory of Rachit holding aloft a deserving trophy for season 4. He received various plaudits from across the globe:

“What a Man” – Sachin

“Legend” –  Sidd 

*He won cos he worksout with determination, dedication & devotion” – Romy

The new season will begin with huge changes in-store focusing on reducing injuries, hassle of picking, captains incapable of picking. The rules are as below:

  1. This is a 14 game season – league style.
  2. Wins = 3 Points, Loss = 1 Point, Draw = 1 Point.
  3. Each player has TWO BONUS CARDS they can use: Win = 5 Points, Loss = 0 Points, Draw = 1 Point. If you feel this game week, you have a great team use you BONUS CARD!
  4. Yellow Card = -1 Point, Red Card = -2 Points, Late = -1 Point. Late is defined as game has started and the person was missing.
  5. If you injure a player, you leave the pitch as well till the player returns. This only counts for that game week.
  6. Players will be picked by the admins to make sure a balance is there every week. In case of someone not showing up on game day, teams will be re-picked before the game.

Additional Rules

  1. No wearing football studs.
  2. Respect the referee. Their decision is final.
  3. Admins for Season 5: Piyush-Rachit-Rajesh-Romy.

Please leave your views in the chat for suggestions and positive criticism. Good Luck.

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