Season 5, Game 1 Review

There was a storm at All Star Sport and it was called The First Game of Season 5. Not to beat around the bush but this game could have been won by any-side.

  • Sachin-Swappy-Piyush-Rachit-Vicky-Romy = 3 Points
  • Bharat-Rajesh-Rahul-AK-Abhi = 1 Point
  • Sidd = 1 Yellow Card = 0 Points

Highlights of Game 1

  1. Sidd went down with a twisted ankle and sat out the game almost getting three points.  In the short time he played, he picked up a yellow card for being over-friendly with Rachit.
  2. Bharat was picked on by Sidd and it finally dawned on Bharat what we all at football knew – Sidd wanted a sister…
  3. Vicky is an action packed defender who pretty much helped his team break-up play and block shots like a man possessed. Man of the match for me!
  4. Rachit is the best man to have your team when a season starts. He has now won every game he has played the first time in each season. He had goals, assists, interceptions and blocked shots in one game!
  5. Controversy: The hand-ball at 5-5 from Vicky which I personally thought came off Abhi. Rahul & Abhi had a valid point here and it makes the case for a referee as the game is so fast that sometimes in the moment different opinions can sour the moment. The way Rahul & Abhi handled it was all class and appreciated very much.
  6. Piyush settled another game with the final goal of the match. Sachin’s defending is the second half is the most under-rated thing in football as he broke up play three times in the oppositions half and had two blinding assists!
  7. Swappy man-marking AK was a feather in Swap’s cap and helped his team win. Good stuff!
  8. That drop kick almost went in by Abhi by the way!




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