Season 5 Game 3 Results

A 6-1 scoreline was just that. A mauling at the hands of a superior team where each individual surpassed expectations while the other team dawdled and twiddled their thumbs.  Let me offer some more clarity:

Swappy: A man of the match performance for me where I see someone releasing his shortcomings and finding a new home in a new position. He excelled in all parts of the pitch and really I am a believer. #SwapArmy4Lif3. Still hasn’t scored for four weeks but who’ counting….not me!

Sidd: I have kept over a year now along with Bharat and both of us have never ever come close to a clean sheet. He marshalled his defence superbly and with intricate saves made clean sheets an easy thing. What a player – scores goals for fun and can add a clean sheet feather in his cap too. Superb performance! Yellow card was removed as the referee was having fun.

Rachit: No one hits a football as hard as this guy. No one. Brilliant play in midfield by him and unlocked the opposition defence to ensure the second half would be a breeze. Waited for Rajesh to recover when the others were busy pretending to score on target. A touch of class from a class player.

Chirag: Is there a better defender in the game at the moment? Is there someone who blocks more shots? No, there isn’t and this man should take a bow. Unbelievable defending.

Sachin & Bharat: Quiet, under-appreciated and they get the job done. Make no mistake these two are uncomplicated and do not waste time with glory hunting. So underrated that it is borderline criminal. More of the same please!

The Huss: You want this guy on your team. Annoying, awkward and cumbersome to play against but one cannot deny his positives when he is on your team. Yes, he got three yellow cards and he is going to get someone bad at some point but this is just a matter of time before this will be phased out of his game and out will blossom a very special player. The sooner it happens, the better for the rest of us.

I have seen a lot of games for more than a year but I have never seen such a complete performance from a team. It was an absolute treat to watch them play, pity I was in the other team. Oh well, there’s always next week!


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