IPL 2017: Elimination Chamber

The elimination chamber is the bonus 2017 game for the IPL! Players will enter the chamber as a tag-team and from their two auction teams submit a team before the IPL begins:

  • Their best eleven (minimum 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers)
  • Their best IPL team
  • The tournament lasts from game 1-14 of the IPL or ends before the top four play the elimination rounds.
  • The prize will be the units collected from the round 1 of the closed bidding in the auctions to the winning tag-team.
  • 2 transfers can be used anytime for the games 1-14.
  • No unsold players can be used likewise no on loan players either.
  • Permanent transferred players can be used.

Players will be told on picking their tag-team partners at the auctions.



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