This game was a strange one to call. Let me list them for you:

  1. Two All-Star Goalies – never happened before.
  2. Romy in defence. Happened once, but still its strange! It’s my website so go along with it…
  3. Cancellation galore – Rachit, Sachin, Bharat, Sidd, Vicky. Chirag out.
  4. The return of Nics – this is a good strange. Welcome back matey.
  5. Aman becomes a regular well kind of…

The teams were balanced well, you had Swap/Pi/Huss/Nics/Rahul versus AK/Aman/Rajesh/Romy/Mo and it was a crackerjack of a match. There was a dubious handball at 4-3 which changed the game heavily in favour of one team but a lack of referee can do this. It was a shame that the game was scarred due to this as it was an excellent game played in the right spirits.

Catch-up cards: Rahul was on his catch-up card but lost. Sachin and Vicky were no-shows and now have two catch-up cards.

Captain cards: Rajesh, Romy & Mo all successfully used their captain card for 6 points.

Leaderboard: Swappy & Rajesh are tied for 17 points and it is great seeing the two arts of football – attack & defence reigning supreme. Good stuff indeed!

Believe it or not: Mo, AK, Piyush, Chirag have only won one game this season!

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