IPL 2018: Rules & Regulations

IPL 2018 begins and to help all prepare we have made the below guidelines:

  1. Choosing a Squad – This has never been easier. Choose any quota of players without fear of classifications. No more minimum batsmen or bowlers.
  2. Number of Players: Minimum 16, Maximum 18.
  3. Trades: No more trades! They are removed from the game.
  4. Insurance: No more insurance! They are removed from the game.
  5. Captains: Each player has two captains that can be used prior to any match from Game 1 to the Finals of the IPL. Captains award double points for that one game only.
  6. Budget: Each player starts with a budget of 3000 units. All players are priced and the spreadsheets have been sent to all. It is the players responsibility to buy a minimum of 16 players.
  7. Transfers: See Section Below.

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