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How 2 Beat Sachin At The Auctions

It is that time of the year again that the IPL comes around and we all here at the Setting Gang get busy trying to make a team. Romy works on spreadsheets 24/7 to find a way to beat Dishin and the other thing that happens for sure is, Sachin will win the damn thing by thinking outside the box so entirely that it will all make us wonder why did we not think of that! So here are some great tips to beat the great man, i.e.

  • Pray that entire week to your respective God/Gods and make sure you are generally a good person the week of the auctions.
  • Hope that luck will be on your side of the auctions as you will need it.
  • Hope that Sachin pot draws a team that will finish bottom and have most of its games rained off.
  • Do not let him buy players capable of all rounding you off the point system. Players like Gayle, Maxwell, D Smith, Y Singh and so on.
  • If he tries to buy a player and bids first, make sure he does not get it. If we all work together, WE CAN BEAT HIM! (Like you, I also do not believe this even though I write this)
  • Throw off his concentration at the auctions by offering him food or drinks at key moments of the auctions.

All this things added up will ensure others have a chance to win this in their lifetime.

Top 10: Things that happen on every Setting Gang Auctions!

10. Chirag or Bob will be late.

9. Chirag will spend 80% of his auction money in the first hour.

8. Romy will save his money till the end and blow it on a player who he will trade for desperately the next day by calling everyone.

7. Dishin will finish higher than Romy in the auctions.

6. Rachit will buy Chris Gayle and Gayle will have a high score of 30 in the whole tournament. Anyone else will buy Chris Gayle and Gayle will score a double century and take wickets for fun.

5. Rachit will remind everyone for the 10,347,345th time his favorite team is Kolkata.

4. Vicky will leave in the middle of the auctions.

3. Sachin will buy a piss poor team, we will all make fun of him and after 2 weeks we will all realize he is the real fuckin wizard of Oz and we are the damn monkeys.

2. Some one will buy 4 players from a team and we will realize it after we go home.

1. A vegetarian will win the auctions.

IPL Team Previews: Likely Starting X1 with Bench [Full Squad]

1 D Smith Q De C M Vijay G Gambhir L Simmons A Rahane D Karthik S Dhawan
2 B McCullum M Agarwal V Sehwag R Uthappa A Finch K Nair C Gayle D Warner
3 S Raina K Jadhav M Vohra M Pandey R Sharma S Watson V Kohli N Ojha
4 F Du Plessis JP Duminy G Maxwell SK Yadav A Rayudu S Samson R Roussow L Rahul
5 D Bravo Y Singh D Miller Y Pathan A Tare S Smith AB DeVilliers H Vihari
6 R Jadeja A Mathews G Bailey S Al Hassan S Gopal J Faulkner S Badrinath M Henriques
7 MS Dhoni M Tiwary W Saha A Russell K Pollard K Cooper J Saxena LR Shukla
8 I Pathan Z Khan A Patel U Yadav H Singh S Binny M Starc K Sharma
9 R Ashwin A Mishra S Sharma M Morkel P Ojha A Sharma V Aaron B Kumar
10 M Sharma M Shami P Awana P Chawla V Kumar D Kulkarni A Dinda T Boult
11 A Nehra I Tahir M Johnson S Narine L Malinga P Tambe Y Chahal D Steyn
12 R More G Sandhu R Dhawan A Mahmood C Anderson R Bhatia M Singh K Williamson
13 M Henry J Unadkat Sh. Sharma RT Doeschate P Patel C Morris S Khan R Bopara
14 R Sharma S Nadeem B Hendricks P Cummins U Chand A Sharma D Sammy E Morgan
15 K Abbott CM Gautham S Marsh J Botha A Blizzard K Richardson M Bisla R Bhui
16 I Pandey T Head K Singh B Hogg J Hazlewood B Cutting N Maddinson P Prasanth
17 B Aparjith A Morkel T Perera VP Singh J Bumrah D Hooda V Zol P Kumar
18 M Manhas J Yadav G Mann Singh K Yadav M McClenaghan V Malik D Wiese I Sharma
19 S Badree S Iyer M Naik KC Cariappa M De Lange R Tewatia S Abbott P Rasool
20 M Hussey S Bharat K Anureet Singh A Garhwal P Suyal J Theron I Abdulla S Kaul
21 A Dwivedi S Tiwary S Tharkur S Narwal A Mithun D Salunke S Warrier C Milind
22 E Bains N Coulter Nile Y Golwalkar V Rawal J Suchitch P Sahu A Nechim A Reddy
23 P Negi M Stolnis S Jackson H Pandya A Nayar H Patel
24 A Tye KK Jiyaz S Lad S Trivedi A Milne
25 P Singh D Joseph N Rana D Yagnik S Bhavane
26 A Wakhare Y Takewala

CSK – The most consistent team will have their four foreigners in Dwayne Smith, McCullum, DuPlessis and D Bravo. The team looks pretty set with rotation at the number 11 slot between either A Nehra/I Pandey/R More. I Pathan could also be replaced with Manhas/Aparjith if they want more batsmen. M Hussey could be the surprise pick if the foreign players do not give CSK the opening they want.

DD – A new team whose foreign players will likely be Duminy, Tahir, Mathews and De Kock. The Australian-Indian Sandhu could come in for De Kock if he falls out of form. The rotations risks definitely are Agarwal/Jadhav/Tiwary/Gautham/S Tiwary where three will play out of five. Gary Kirsten will definitely have a lot of work finding his best eleven here!

KXIP – An entertaining team boasting Maxwell, Miller, Bailey and M Johnson as their four likely foreign players. Heavy rotation between Dhawan/S Sharma and also if openers do not fire, you have S Marsh waiting in the wings. The first game could prove very interesting in terms of line-up.

KKR – The four foreign players pack in at the bowling end with Narine, M Morkel, S Al Hassan and A Russell. With Shakib set to leave for international duty, A Mahmood/J Botha could have a big role to play. P Cummins could come in if Narine gets in trouble with his action or Morkel proves to be expensive. Mystery spinner Cariappa could prove a hit or miss – gamblers rejoice!

MI – Picking four foreign players is tricky, logically Simmons, Finch, Malinga and Pollard should bring balance to this squad but with Mumbai you never know! Anderson could come in for Pollard and Simmons could be benched for a McClenhagan/Hazlewood if the Indian batsmen click. U Chand/P Suyal could come in for S Gopal and J Bumrah is always waiting in the wings if Mumbai decide to go with only one spinner.

RR – Smith, Watson, Faulkner should be shoe-ins with the fourth spot being rotated between K Cooper/K Richardson/C Morris. As for the others, Rajasthan always think outside the box and no one is safe from the bench! Predict this team at your own peril.

RCB – Gayle, Roussow, Starc and AB Devilliers are the favorites here to start. With Milne injured, the only rotation could be Sammy for Roussow. J Saxena could be rotated as more Indian bowling options might be required. Otherwise, pretty straight forward.

SRH – Boult, Steyn, Warner and M Henriques to start. The one in danger could be Henriques as conditions might bench him for Williamson/Bopara/Morgan. P Kumar/I Sharma are on the bench in case other bowlers do not find form. H Vihari’s slot could be in jeopardy along with Rahul’s and other players like Rasool, Bhui could come in.

IPL Auctions: Q & A (Rules Edition)

Welcome to this year’s 2015 IPL Auctions! Please find below our FAQ: –

Q) Romy, what are the rules firstly?

A) You have 3,000 units to spend to buy 16 players (max). Pricing charts have already been mailed.

Q) How many teams will take part?

A) There will be 9 for sure as we have added Moiz/Hussein. But, we are in talks to unite the Saharias into one team to make the game better.

Q) I don’t understand, what do you mean by *game better*?

A) Well there are 8 IPL teams so 8 x 11 = 88 players who start 100% and there are 9 of us whose starting 11 will be 9 x 11 = 99 players which means there will be 11 dead players for each or more for some depending on the auctions!

Q) Screw your math Romy, make this simple!

A) Listen Bob, if we have 8 teams it is a better game but at 9 its a little experimental. Just chill, me and Dishin will figure something out.

Q) Who are Moiz and Hussein?

A) Well, they are brothers and are very close friends of the group. Hussein is taller. They are absolutely crazy about Cricket and all feel they will be great additions to the auctions.

Q) What about the rules on trades, injuries, etc?

A) You are allowed 2 trades starting from 05 Apr (2200 pm) to 07 Apr (2200 pm). The second trade window starts from 20 Apr (noon) to 30 Apr (noon). You may only trade with another player once. Your trades have to be foreign/foreign or domestic/domestic only. Per trade, you pay the CFO 100 units each. Internal details of trades are private.The first trade before the IPL starts required 4 yes’s and the one during the IPL requires all members to say yes.

On injuries, you will be given back the value of player injured to spend on players not sold. You will not be given another player if he is suspended, illegal action, etc.

Lastly, during the auction if a player is passed, his value is doubled on the second round of auctions.

Q) Fair enough, when and where are the auctions Romy?

A) Well Rachit, this years auctions take place at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club starting from 06:00 – 10:30 on the 5th Apr 2015. Auctions will begin promptly at 07:00.

Q) Haha Saale, you said promptly, what about Chiru and Bob?

A) Look man, I spoke to them and they have confirmed. Besides, we will have spare players just in case. We start at 07:00 pm sharp this time!

Q) Will there be food, drinks, etc?

A) Yes food and drinks will be there for all! And we are throwing in free use of toilets too.

Q) Ok, what do we need to bring?

A) Just bring yourself on time. Paper, pens, pricing charts will all be available.

Q) Anything else?

A) At 06:30 we will be conducting a small prize ceremony for past winners and Piyush as CFO will be doing his thing.

See you on the 05 Apr 2015!