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IPL 2016: Are Vegetarians Hypo-critical?

I know, I know what you are thinking: here is another article trash talking the vegetarians and mindlessly slandering these innocent slaughterers of the plant kingdom. But one cannot refute hardcore evidence which I present below:

Veg  Team: Kohli, Gayle, Rahane, Dhawan, Watson, Russell, Pandya, Jadeja, Singh, Nehra, Bumrah

The majority of the team the veg have chose are non-veg, yes you read that right, they are non-veg! The veg team ironically have fielded a team of non-veg to try and win this competition. This is conclusive proof of the levels the veg team have now stooped to for victory, is their allegiance to the kingdom of vegetarians so flimsy that a tournament victory is more important. Or is the right thing to do for them is to concede and pay up for being hypo-critical? The cricket Gods are judging..

Veg V Non-Veg Survival of the Diets!

The non-veg team who are calling themselves the Meat Choppers (Rahul Rachit Romy Mo-Hussey) have challenged the veg team (Dishin Sach Bob Piyush) who still do not have a name to an epic battle for the entire IPL series!

4 Batsmen – 3 Bowlers are minimum

choose any amount of players from any franchise

5 wildcards allowed to be used before the eliminators

The best eleven to be submitted before the first ball in chat.

The losing team will take the winning team for a night of drink and food. All expenses paid!

Example of Trades in IPL 2016

Scenario 1: Sachin’s Malinga is injured but Mumbai do not release him officially. Simple no wildcard.

Scenario 2: Sachin’s Malinga is out of the tournament and has played 4 games. Sachin gets a wildcard and brings in Praveen Kumar. Praveen Kumar will get points from the fifth game he plays since Malinga has played 4 games. Since Sachin wisely brought in a bowler for a bowler he gets Malinga’s points from the four games and from then on Praveen Kumar’s points.

Scenario 3: Sachin’s Malinga is out of the tournament and has played 4 games. Sachin gets a wildcard and brings in Murali Vijay. Now because Sachin has got a batsmen in for a bowler out, he does not get any points from Malinga’s four games. He only gets point for Murali Vijay after game 5.

Scenario 4: Sachin’s Malinga is out of the tournament and has played 8 games. If Malinga was one of Sachin’s top three buys at the auctions. He gets the special wildcard.

Scenario 5: Sachin’s Malinga is out of the tournament and has played 11 games. Sorry, no wildcard here. The second wildcard is only till the tenth game!

Scenario 6: Sachin’s Malinga is released for Mumbai and brought back. Because Sachin decided to release him, he cannot return.

IPL 2016: Auctions Wildcard & Trade Rules

The trade deadline is midnight 8th April 2016.

Each player will have two wildcards in the Auctions. Both wildcards can only be used when a squad player is released from the team. The reason for a player being released is inconsequential.

The first Wildcard (A) is only valid till the first seven games (inclusive of game 7). If your player gets injured before he has played seven games, you are entitled to a Wildcard. If your player gets injured after playing seven games, bad luck!

The second Wildcard (B) is only valid till the first ten games (Inclusive of game 10). The main condition here is that this Wildcard (B) can only be used if the player who has been released is one of the top three purchases made by you at the auctions. If this player gets injured after playing ten games, you are not entitled to this Wildcard (B).

The Wildcard (A & B) can be used to bring a player in and player out of the same position, i.e. batsman-batsman / bowler-bowler / All Rounder-All Rounder. Your points of player outgoing will be carried forward to the player incoming if you bring a player in the same position. In the event of a player bringing a player in of a different position to that of a player going out, your points WILL NOT be carried forward.

The Wildcard (A & B) once approved you will get a player in to a player out from a fixed tier list which is on Google Sheets. Do not expect to get Martin Guptill for Ishan Kishan!

A player once traded or wild-carded cannot be brought back into the team. Example: Shakib Al Hassan last year went off and then came back to play for KKR. If he has been wild-carded from your team this year he will not be allowed to come back.

IPL 2016: Rules & Regulations

It is almost on us and in preparation for March 21, 2016, we have the rules for this year below designed by the technical committee of myself, Dishin and Rachit.

Budget: 3,000 Units

Spreadsheet Link: IPL 2016 Players

New Rule: Wicket keepers have been removed from the game and added as batsmen! No more wicket – keepers!

Formation: Minimum4 Batsmen, Minimum 3 Bowlers, rest 4 can be anything.

Players: Minimum 11, Maximum 16

Players maximum from one team: 4

A big thank you to Rahul for arranging the venue!

NOTE: The technical committee took the bold step of removing wicket-keepers and converting them to batsmen as we felt the one wicket-keeper option between nine players was suffocating this category. With so many wicket-keepers and only 9 being used, it felt a lot of good players left unsold. Example: Mumbai has Parthiv, Buttler, Sharma, Rayudu and thats one one team from eight! We hope you all agree to this and we are confident that this will make the auctions better!