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Season 5: Game 2 Results

An absolutely classic for the ages which left no doubt that this was a great team selection and once more gave us a little bit too much to talk about! I will now take questions from the floor:

Rachit: Abey ye sab chod, whats the result?

Romy: The game will be a draw and everyone will be awarded 1 point. The league and rules were set in place well before and a heat of the moment decision gives the game a deserved end. But overall, we will call it a draw.

Sidd: Fuck you Romy what gives you the right to do this?

Romy: I believe in Unicorns and that makes me special.

Rajesh: Is Vicky taking ability enhancing substances?

Romy: 2 goals, best defender, infinite blocks, assists and interceptions with two arguably man of the match performances. Whatever he is taking, I hope he continues to do so! Best player on the pitch these days. Full Stop.

Aman: I saw Sidd and Vicky fighting. Can you tell them to stop?

Romy: Grown men fight and hopefully these two will sort it out before one gets injured. Saying 1-1 after fouling someone is borderline petulant and one hopes a middle aged man can grow beyond these things. Saying that, fouling a keeper is also not very nice and all should try not to charge at keepers in the box!

Bharat: There was a crazy man screaming all the time! I think I have an ear block. Can you help?

Romy: Rachit was happy and this lovable care-bear was very happy yesterday. He literally screamed the first goal of the game which personally I thought was unfair as screaming at an incoming player disturbs concentration. Even when he was keeping, shouting for a ball when coming out when an attacker is coming in, puts the attacker off. This is an irrefutable fact. Screaming is fine but when you are a couple of yards away from a player is disturbing. Thankfully, Valentine’s day is over and we do not have to worry about Rachit’s screaming for another year.

Rahul: Why am I being royally screwed every week?

Romy: Last week we took his handball which he saw away when the game was 4-4 and now we take his points away from penalty. You got me here bud, apologies from my side and hopefully in the coming weeks we can do better by you.

Rachit: I don’t scream, I just have a manly voice compared to your girly voice Romy!

Romy: Be nice.

Rachit: Anyways, where did Chigu get that sexy green outfit. Green is my secret favorite color and I could not concentrate!

Romy: You can buy the outfit at all leading malls in Dubai you closet fab…Dil Dil…

Swappy: I still have not scored !

Romy: We know but you are related to Piyush so we wont say anything about you not scoring for three weeks. But we never said we wont type it!

The Huss: In the FA Cup there are replays or penalties! Why not here?

Romy: This is not the FA Cup.

Sidd: You cannot get away with this Romy, Karma will get you!

Romy: Dude you are in my life. Karma already got me.

Thanks all for reading and apologies for the confusion. This is a league make no mistake about it.

Chirag and The Huss will have their catch-up cards changed to next week due to this confusion.



Season 5, Game 1 Review

There was a storm at All Star Sport and it was called The First Game of Season 5. Not to beat around the bush but this game could have been won by any-side.

  • Sachin-Swappy-Piyush-Rachit-Vicky-Romy = 3 Points
  • Bharat-Rajesh-Rahul-AK-Abhi = 1 Point
  • Sidd = 1 Yellow Card = 0 Points

Highlights of Game 1

  1. Sidd went down with a twisted ankle and sat out the game almost getting three points.  In the short time he played, he picked up a yellow card for being over-friendly with Rachit.
  2. Bharat was picked on by Sidd and it finally dawned on Bharat what we all at football knew – Sidd wanted a sister…
  3. Vicky is an action packed defender who pretty much helped his team break-up play and block shots like a man possessed. Man of the match for me!
  4. Rachit is the best man to have your team when a season starts. He has now won every game he has played the first time in each season. He had goals, assists, interceptions and blocked shots in one game!
  5. Controversy: The hand-ball at 5-5 from Vicky which I personally thought came off Abhi. Rahul & Abhi had a valid point here and it makes the case for a referee as the game is so fast that sometimes in the moment different opinions can sour the moment. The way Rahul & Abhi handled it was all class and appreciated very much.
  6. Piyush settled another game with the final goal of the match. Sachin’s defending is the second half is the most under-rated thing in football as he broke up play three times in the oppositions half and had two blinding assists!
  7. Swappy man-marking AK was a feather in Swap’s cap and helped his team win. Good stuff!
  8. That drop kick almost went in by Abhi by the way!




Season 5: Game 1 Team News

Season 5

Season 5 opens with an absolute doosra as the game will be a rapid fire 6 versus 6. With plans being changed at the last minute, a cliffhanger is on the cards with a dynamic permutation of players!



  • Reserve Players: Bobby, Nics
  • Cancelled: Chirag

Logic and Explanation:

With only two regular defenders playing this week, they have been kept part as one team has The Wall, Rajesh versus the Human Dynamo, Vicky. Both teams will be pressured to find the second defender and rotation will be key in this tactical battle for the first game of the season.

Team 1 has the dribble, stamina and regular keeper plus Swappy as player of the season works symbiotically with the Sach & Piyush connection.

Team 2 has the raw power and more rotational choices plus has Rajesh who was (and still is!) the best defender of last season. Rajesh synergises well with AK as both share a telepathic connection on the pitch.

Bonus cards are available for this game.

Season 5 Rules & Regulations


The new season starts with the fading memory of Rachit holding aloft a deserving trophy for season 4. He received various plaudits from across the globe:

“What a Man” – Sachin

“Legend” –  Sidd 

*He won cos he worksout with determination, dedication & devotion” – Romy

The new season will begin with huge changes in-store focusing on reducing injuries, hassle of picking, captains incapable of picking. The rules are as below:

  1. This is a 14 game season – league style.
  2. Wins = 3 Points, Loss = 1 Point, Draw = 1 Point.
  3. Each player has TWO BONUS CARDS they can use: Win = 5 Points, Loss = 0 Points, Draw = 1 Point. If you feel this game week, you have a great team use you BONUS CARD!
  4. Yellow Card = -1 Point, Red Card = -2 Points, Late = -1 Point. Late is defined as game has started and the person was missing.
  5. If you injure a player, you leave the pitch as well till the player returns. This only counts for that game week.
  6. Players will be picked by the admins to make sure a balance is there every week. In case of someone not showing up on game day, teams will be re-picked before the game.

Additional Rules

  1. No wearing football studs.
  2. Respect the referee. Their decision is final.
  3. Admins for Season 5: Piyush-Rachit-Rajesh-Romy.

Please leave your views in the chat for suggestions and positive criticism. Good Luck.

Season 4 Game 2: Rachit v Hussey

Another week, another massacre! There seems to be a trend here but take nothing away from the best ever performance from a 6-side footy team. Sensational passing, silky finishing and unbelievable defending were the secret recipe of this incredible team. It was a delight to all except the opposition who can just lick their wounds and come back stronger next week!

Ratings out of 5

Rachit (5) Piyush (5) Rahul (5) Rajesh (5) Abhi (4.5) Swappy (5)

Mo (3.5) AK (3.0) Vicky (2.5) Hussey (2.5) Sachin (3.5) Romy (0.5)

Flop of the Week: Romy has now conceded more goals than there are states in India, well almost. Another shocking abysmal performance and should be ready to take some abuse for this performance. Scandalous.

Star of the Week: Rachit for being a stupendous captain, Swap for quietly doing his business, Rajesh for being a colossus at the back, Abhi for some brilliant saves towards the end, Rahul for some delightful passing and scorching finishes and Piyush for breaking up opposition play, feeding passes and absolutely scoring some screamers! Take your pick for Man of the Match for me all of them were!

Sidd Corner: Admit it all, we missed him! Game was quiet without him guess now I understand why South Indians like spicy food! We all need a little Sidd in our lives don’t we ?

Yellow Cards: Vicky

Late Comer: None!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

Season 4 Game 1: Nics V Vicky

Well, this was a shocker and unfortunately a thrashing the author will remember for a long time. Nics was absolutely commanding in goal and though Vicky was a valiant team captain till the end, this game was a foregone conclusion. A one sided affair which soon downgraded into hilarity as this game was over within the first 15 minutes. Juggernaut supremo performance by the new holy trinity of Swappy, AK & Rachit was just too much ammunition for Vicky’s men.

Ratings out of 5

Nics (5) Swappy (5) AK (4.5) Rachit (5) Hussey (3.5) Rajesh (5) Sidd (4)

Vicky (3) Romy (0.5) Piyush (3.5) Rahul (3.5) Mo (3.5) Bharat (3.5) Sachin (3.5)

Flop of the Week: Romy, once more for his goal keeping has slid further down. This makes it 4 losses in a row and what used to be once a top tier pick is now in the hallowed low grounds of the bottomless abyss. Disgraceful.

Star of the Week: Rachit once more establishes himself as *Da Man* with a superlative performance balancing both attack and defence. A treat to play against this man is a connoisseur of good manners and fair play with a hefty kick!

Sidd Corner: The one man controversy band-wagon had a good game and even scored a decent goal! Few shouts of Wolf! in the first half but that’s our Sidd! A fine jump on him when he was keeping by Sach, Mo & Romy capped a fine night for him! Good stuff all round.

Yellow Cards: AK , Bharat

Late Comer: Hussey!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

EURO 2016: Points System

The points system we use will be from the McDonalds Official Euro 2016 game. You can go there by clicking on this: FANTASYGAM

All players will be classified into their positions using the classifications given to them by the above game.

All valid formations used will be as per above game, i.e.

3-4-3 : 4-5-1

3-5-2 : 5-2-3

4-3-3 : 5-3-2

4-4-2 : 5-4-1

Only these eight formations are valid for our game.

Remember unlike the game, you can ONLY DRAFT TWO players from any one team.

EURO 2016: Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Euro 2016 Auctions and good luck to all participating this year! Please find below the rules that will be required for you to understand so that you many stand a chance of winning !

Players: Mo – Hussey – Romy – Abhi – Bharat – Dishin – Sidd – Swappy

Budget: 3000 units are available for all to spend with an entry fee of 500!

Team Composition: You MUST buy a minimum of 11 players and can buy a maximum of 16 players. If you buy the maximum number of 16 players you will automatically enter a draft!

Draft: Upon buying 16 players, you will enter a draft with others who have also bought 16 players. Your draft order number will be chosen randomly at the auctions and then you can pick seven free players unsold at auctions and three world cup teams.

Extra Points: For each time your chosen World Cup Team wins, you get 2 points. You will also have to answer three questions:

Winning Euro Team: correct answer awards 5 points

Runner Up Euro Team: correct answer awards 5 points

Golden Boot: correct answer 5 points [IF more than one striker is awarded the golden boot all people who had the right answer get 5 points]

Auction Time: be there at Sidd/Bharat’s residence by 6pm. We start at 6:30pm.

Google Sheets Link: EURO 2016 SpreadSheet


Sidd: Bob’s Messiah or Bob’s Downfall

Firstly, let us absolutely and categorically state that Sidd is a wonderful addition to the auctions. His questions in chat and his love for Google sheets is unprecedented as he has now had 7 approvals for the sheets where one would have sufficed.

Now for some stats:

  • Bob’s standing in World Cup 2014 Auctions without Sidd: Top 4
  • Bob’s standing in World Cup 2016 Auctions with Sidd: Bottom 4
  • The black and white is that this relationship is taking a little more time than most would have expected. The positives are compared to other years:

Bob has more active players in the auctions.

  • IPL 2016 is a better start than IPL 2015.
  • Bob is now more punctual.

The positives are both encouraging and spectacular. Bob is statistically 65.23% more punctual with Sidd than without!

I for one can only speak for myself and can say with great aplomb: Thumbs up Sidd!

Transfer Rules: T20 Auctions 2016


A) Players can trade only once between each other till the 14 March 2016 [Midnight]. You need to post your trade in WhatsApp and get five people to agree to the trade. People not responding within 24 hours is considered a Yes. Trades can happen between any players of any classifications as long as both players don’t exceed three players from a team and maintaining minimum formation requirements.

B) WildCards are open from 9 am March 8, 2016 which is the qualifier start and conclude on 22 March 2016 [Noon] which is the mark till when all teams have played 2 games apiece. You can wild card any player from your team to another unsold player from the auctions. Any players added to the squads after the auctions are also counted as unsold players. No restrictions on classifications as long as both players don’t exceed three players from a team and maintaining minimum formation requirements.

Note: No direct replacements and only 1 wildcard or trade allowed.