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Season 4 Game 8: Sachin v Chirag

The last game of the season followed the pattern of unpredictability and once again showed that team selection can mean squat if people do not come on time or are not properly motivated. Chirag’s team won the game 8-3 but Sachin has a dreadful start as peoplewere late to the game and a proper formation could not be established. And like a snowball unleashed from the top of a mountain which becomes an avalanche at the bottom this football game was very much like that. Heart & Soul from Chirag’s team made them the deserving winners.

Ratings out of 5

Chirag (5.0) Rajesh (5.0) Bharat (3.5) Sidd (4.5) AK (4.5) Rachit (5.0) Huss (4.5)

Sachin (4.5) Piyush (3.5) Abhi (3.0) Mo (3.0) Rahul (3.0) Swappy (1.5) Romy (2.0)

Flop of the Week: People coming late – were they late when they were captains? Though only a few minutes late this is absolutely bananas that someone can not make on time whereas others have come on time when they were captain.

Star of the Week: Chirag and Rajesh are the new pillars of creation. They were and make no mistake about this absolute paragons of defending. The way they defended kept a clean sheet in the first half and allowed marauding attacks on the other side. Their tackling was clean and showed once more why they should never be picked on the same team.

Sidd’s Corner: Pavarotti might be dead but there is a new tenor is town who can bellow among the finest. Siddarth Sudhakar has arrived. The man was on fire, making runs, goal keeping and scoring a few just to cap a fine performance all round. My personal favorite and tip to win the season and be warned, the Sidd is Hungry.


Season 4 Game 6: Bharat v Romy

This game was started and mired in controversy ever since the fixture was announced. The animosity between these two captains ran deep superficially at least. Romy dropped the first bomb with team selection picked out of the box picks thanks largely to an obsession to loyalty as well as wanting to be in the spotlight. What a drama queen! Rachit dropped the second bomb with still being injured leading to a shuffle in formation not seen since Mel Gibson played the lead role in the poker movie Maverick! So what happens when you mix:

Romy+Bharat+Romy team selection+Rachit injury 

You then get this amazing formation, i.e.

Vicky in attack + Romy in defense + Rachit in goal +A fit Zia + A cameo by Mushtaq

Which equals to

A game of epicness!! Bharat 4 Romy 3 but it was so much more than that!

Ratings out of 5

Bharat (3.5) Swappy (5.0) AK (4.5) Chirag (4.5) Sidd (4.5) Abhi (3.5) Nics (3.5)

Romy (3.5) Rajesh (5.0) Vicky (5.0) Rachit (4.5) Piyush (5.0) Zia (4.0) Sachin (4.5)

Flop of the Week: I think an injury of this nature has not happened for awhile and something must happen to prevent such a situation. A solution has been put forward to set up an arbitration committee comprising of Piyush, Rajesh and Rachit. Once more, Bharat is not being blamed or singled out here but the situation is being used to create an awareness and hence a solution. This is not a witch hunt.

Disappointment of the Week: Nics has had an extraordinary season sometimes even surpassing what mere mortals are capable of. He has broken the design of God and done super human things this season. But, his reaction to Vicky in chat is a disappointment as well as uncalled for. There is no room for such behavior among civilized people and once more my gratitude to Vicky is extended as he has let this go. But Nics, I have not that I assure you. You have been warned.

Star of the Week: Romy’s team came together and left the game with their heads held high. They defied the odd books to play their hearts out. Fuckin heroes the lot of them! The crime sometimes with words are that their limited to sometimes explain how good they were. Piyush and Vicky excelled in the work rates, Sachin played a blinder before getting injured, Zia was a maverick up front, Rachit was the Wall and Rajesh was taller than Everest! Heroes, the lot of them!

Sidd’s Corner: A maturity has dawned and the man coated in controversy and wrapped in drama was someone you can look up to today. A wonderfully played all-round game but hell we missed the theatrics! Good Stuff 🙂

Moment of the game: Rachit’s heroics in goal being shadowed by the one which went under him. The moment was his reaction when he punched the ground in frustration. A man to be followed and a man after my own heart. Head up old chap, you were a star today!




Season 4 Game 5: Piyush V AK

The one-sided affairs are back. After two cracking weeks of interstellar football, we got a dud this week. At times it left like a table-tennis ping-pong style game with the ball just rebounding off of defenders, posts, keepers and the whole nine yards. One team waited for the misery to end and the other was busy racking up the goals!

Ratings out of 5

Piyush (5.0) Swappy (5.0) Mo (5.0) Bharat (5.0) Hussey (5.0) Chirag (5.0) Romy (4.0)

AK (3.5) Sidd (3.0) Vicky (3.5) Rajesh (3.5) Sachin (3.5) Rachit (3.0) Zia (2.0)

Flop of the Week: The system of team-selection is the big loser here. There is a flaw in our system and for the third time this season, another lop-sided game came to pass. There are fixes incoming next season but human error cannot be removed. Most will bear through the pain this season but make no mistake, if these team selection issues are not fixed we will all be losers in the end. An outcry was whispered by Rajesh and maybe there is a point here, a re-selection if things looks imbalanced – maybe, maybe not but others need to stand up and voice a solution.

Star of the Week: The Huss. What a comeback from someone who had been bashed throughout the season for being a serial fouler and then KABOOM! this performance comes along. He absolutely shielded the left side and extinguished any flames of attack from a charged-up AK who humanly could not have done anything more, Defended heroically plus supported well in attack while playing a clean game devoid of yellow cards nor did he retaliate violently – in fact he apologized when he did not have to! A star was born today and his name is THE HUSS.

Sidd’s Corner: He strolled in late and rumors are abound on social media that he stopped for a Masala Dosa with a pint of Guinness. A murky image of this is also making the rounds on Social Media. Enough of that, after he strolled in late and took his time to change he tortoise’d himself into the game by staying mostly off-side in the first half and then out of nowhere scored the first goal! My point here is that this talent is wasted in theatrics, gorging on South-Indian / Irish cuisines and it needs to focus on football. Second half, drifted everywhere and kinda gave up in the end. Still 4th in the league table and if motivated to get serious, can really surprise all and win the damn thing. But like all readers of Sidd’s corner know, life is not fun for Sidd without a bit of hell-bent buccaneering in the absurd.


Season 4 Game 4: Sidd v Rahul

One team left with a sensation of relief and the other rued a missed opportunity. Well that’s the definition of a draw for you. 4-4 it finished, and one looks back and thinks any side could have snatched that. Heroic marking and defending from Rahul’s team and lightning finishes from Sidd’s team. Both teams lacked the clinical finish and the sucker-punch to win the game – those bastard goal-keepers, they just ruin the fun for all don’t they?

Ratings out of 5

Sidd (4.0) Swappy (4.0) AK (4.5) Zia (3.5) Nics (4.0) Romy (3.5) Hussey (3.0)

Rahul (4.0) Rachit (3.5) Mo (4.5) Vicky (4.0) Rajesh (4.5) Bharat (3.5) Piyush (4.0)

Flop of the Week: The state of refereeing. No whistles & mass confusion ran amok today among the masses. Though we are grateful for a referee, a better solution needs to be reached. The tournament suffers in quality no fault of personnel but a better hand is needed for the game is full of hooligans who will abuse the system if not reined in.

Star of the Week: The defending quartet of Rajesh, Vicky, Zia, Nics. Absolute heroes the lot of them. Took punches to the body, intercepted, distributed the ball and hell Swappy/Rahul did not even score today ! I cannot remember the last time that happened. Hats off defenders, I don’t wear a hat but if I did 🙂

Honourable Mention: AK. It was a bird, a plane nah those were bullets being fired by AK today, Damn that boy can hit a football, well done!

Sidd’s Corner: We all know when he is captain, something special happens and it did – our first draw of the season! The shenanigans started earlier with the younger Sudhakar cancelling, then wanting to play. Oh how we love the chaos when Sidd is captain! Played well, missed a sitter, stole a goal, showed his backside to a free-kick and subsequently scored an own-goal, tied his laces 5 times, annoyed Vicky, shouted at the ref, come to think of it Sidd had a normal game. Nothing to report here folks, move on!

Yellow Cards: Nics

Late Comer: None!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

Season 4 Game 3: Mo v Rajesh

Finally we had a cracker jack game and were spared the monotony of one sided slaughters. Comeback kings, goal-keeping heroes, long range sharpshooters and a beloved South Indian, we had it all folks! At half-time things were looking gold for Rajesh’s team as they were up 6-1 (yes 6-1!) and then the second half brought the winds of change to somehow get Mo’s team to win the darn thing 6-7 despite him being red carded for five minutes! All were winners today like Rajesh said, and that my friends is a touch of class! Well done all.

Ratings out of 5

Mo (3.0) Rachit (4.0) Swappy (4.5) Sid (4.0) Abhi (3.5) Nics (4.5)

Rajesh (3.5) Vicky (3.5) Rahul (4.0) Sachin (3.5) AK (3.5) Piyush (3.5)

Flop of the Week: I really absolutely cannot bring myself to fault anyone this week. All were bloody legends today. My only moot point would be the red card for Mo which should have cost him the game but somehow inspired his team to make an enthralling comeback!

Star of the Week: Swappy. I mean good Gods, how good is this lad, eh? The stamina, passing, composure, dribbling, assisting, shooting, I am still gobsmacked to how good he is! No one could catch him and finally it dawned on me to why he is single, no woman can catch him! Slippery bugger 🙂

Honorable Mention: Nics, an absolute delight in goal. He kept quiet, went about his job and kept a clean sheet in the second half! Severely under-rated and I feel he has found his niche. I, for one would like to see him keep more. Excellence personified tonight, well done mate!

Sidd Corner: Absolute rubbish in the first half with a few decent runs but nothing really worth writing about in the first half. Second half, lets see – he kept, defended, played winger, assisted and won the game with a corking finish! A few antics on the touchline riled up the opposition defenders and then scored the winner. An enigmatic frustrating player but gotta hand it to the old chap today, even Mo gave him a hug! Special player reminding us all why he really is a top three pick. Zlatan finally scored for United this week and our Ztathakar was not going to be left behind, was he?

Red Cards: Mo

Late Comer: None!

The rating are different from the points system so please do not get confused folks!

Season 4 Seedings & Captain Musings


Swappy – 1 Rachit – 2 Piyush – 3 Rahul – 4 AK – 5 Sachin -6


Rajesh – 1 Vicky – 2 Chirag – 3 Nics – 4


Mo – 1 Bharat – 2 Sidd – 3 Hussey – 4 Abhi – 5 Romy – 6

These seedings are recommendations only based on performances, how long we have played together, current form and overall attitude they bring to team.

The above ratings are the sole view of the writer.


  • A higher rated captain will now always pick second.
  • If both captains agree, a template of two teams will be given to both players.
  • Both players may then trade from given template