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TEAM 1: Swap-Rachit-Bharat-Sidd-Chirag-Huss-Sachin

TEAM 2: AK-Rahul-Mo-Piyush-Rajesh-Vicky-Romy

The teams are in and boy oh boy, we got a controversial set-up this week. Bharat & Sidd together, Chirag & Huss versus Rajesh & Vicky defending on opposite teams and with the best player in my opinion returning, i.e. AK and Swap not having scored for three weeks and due this has all the ingredients for a Vegetarian Chicken , whatever that is!

Chirag, Huss, Mo, AK and Sachin are on double points so there is a lot to play for and with all of them being veterans, experience is gonna be huge here! My money is on the Mo as he absolutely had Swap in his pocket last game! Go Grasshoppers!!

Players to look out for:

  • AK – The best player returns and he will be hungry after his last season’s miss in the semi finals. Memories of traffic anyone?
  • Swappy – Seriously, the little genius will score this week. Surely. Right?
  • Mo – The midfield maestro is back and will look to add to his goal tally for the season. His nemesis Sidd is on the other side. Evil evil Piyush, muhahahaha!
  • Sidd: The man of the moment and with his double edged belief in himself this guy is the one to watch. Scores for fun, blocks like the wall and will be the differential. Quiet game from him could be the key to victory for the other side.
  • Vicky: Can he be Man of the Match a third time. Hell f00kin Yes!

Captain cards are also available for this game but not to those on the catch-up games.


Season 5 Game 2 Team News

Piyush dropped a bomb late last night with one of the most unorthodox team compositions ever.

Team 1: Sachin – Bharat – Swappy – Aman – Chirag – Vicky – Romy

Team 2: Bob/Sidd – Piyush – Rachit – Mo – Rahul – The Huss – Rajesh

This diabolically evil teams have so much going on – Team 1 has the dribblers, in form keeper, in form defenders and the lethal strikers in Bharat & Sachin. There is a lack of power here and the worrying form of Swappy to content with. Having Bharat gives them options in goal and attack. Swappy can play anywhere on the pitch and the trick would be to keep him away from Mo!

Team 2 has the power and boy its dynamite! Rahul, Rachit, Mo, The Huss & Piyush on their day can tear the opposition apart. There is a school of thought that their accuracy on the day will decide the game. Also, with Bob/Sidd being in goal creates a sort of haze to the final definition of this team. If Bob plays, Sidd comes in thankfully as a referee and if he does not then Sidd comes in as a goal-keeper. Leaders in this team look like Rajesh, Mo & Piyush but the tactical nous of Rahul & Rachit will also play a key role if they decide to be vocal.

The deliciousness of this team selection is so sinister that at first glance it looks like all the balance is in making a close game but look deeper and all revelations pop! Players who won the first game and divided almost equally! Oh the mind of a vegetarian – salute.

A 90 minute game will bring its own challenges – stamina management and card discipline mainly. The defenders are the ones most expected to be disciplined and a red card could be the difference here. Injuries could occur as this is the first time such a long game has been tried. Play safe and be rewarded for coming away unscathed from a 90 minute game is the ultimate trophy.

Players to watch out for:

  • Man of the match Vicky is the one here as his stamina and form will be looked upon in game 2.
  • Rahul is due a big game and could explode for a few goals.
  • Rajesh for his on-field captaincy.
  • Mo for absolutely owning Swap in the finals is back and will be rubbing his hands with glee for a second bite at Swappy.

The cracker will be lit tomorrow so do not be late!