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Transfer Rules: T20 Auctions 2016


A) Players can trade only once between each other till the 14 March 2016 [Midnight]. You need to post your trade in WhatsApp and get five people to agree to the trade. People not responding within 24 hours is considered a Yes. Trades can happen between any players of any classifications as long as both players don’t exceed three players from a team and maintaining minimum formation requirements.

B) WildCards are open from 9 am March 8, 2016 which is the qualifier start and conclude on 22 March 2016 [Noon] which is the mark till when all teams have played 2 games apiece. You can wild card any player from your team to another unsold player from the auctions. Any players added to the squads after the auctions are also counted as unsold players. No restrictions on classifications as long as both players don’t exceed three players from a team and maintaining minimum formation requirements.

Note: No direct replacements and only 1 wildcard or trade allowed.

Points System: T20 Auctions

The auctions are almost on us, i.e. March 2nd @ 6 pm for all those still in the dark! The point system we have decided to go for is the T20 World Cup scoring system.

Scoring System can be found by clicking the link: Point System

Alternatively, the scoring system can also be found on our Google sheets.

Rachit’s Corner: Tips for World Cup T20 [Exclusive]

  1. Australia [One sided game, guaranteed!]
  • Maxi – The game changer.
  • Warner – Pocket Dynamite.
  • Faulkner – Watch out for this specific all-rounder.

“2. England [We believe in inventing games we cannot win.]

  • Sam Billing – Hard hitter of the cricket ball and sweet timer.
  • Eion Morgan – On his day can make any bolwing attack look ordinary.
  • Jos Butler – Boy this guy is an amazing hitter of the cricket ball.

3. Pakistan [We lost but boys played well!]

  • No players.

4. India [We won’t give it back, we won’t give it back….Um, take Ishant Sharma if you want!]

  • Rohit Sharma – Lazy elegance is what you will find in this player. One of the best timers of the cricket ball.
  • Virat Kholi – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Cricketer for all seasons.
  • MSD MSD – Well well . Looks like another World Cup coming Home baby……..He is capable of winning it .
  • Jasprit Bumrah – Only few blowers can execute Yorkers well in India , and he is one of them.

      5. New Zealand  [Original chokers. Since 1975]

  • Guptill – Recently everyones Favorite. Amazing batsmen and amazing fielder.
  • Willamson – Only few current players come close to the class of Kholi and he is one of them.
  • Boult – One of the finest swing bolwers currently.

6. Sri Lanka [Best until the finals!

  •  Mathew – All responsibility will be on his shoulders if Sri Lanka need to reach anywhere.
  • Malinga – One his day can throw those Yorkers at will.

7. Bangladesh [The fact is we are not the tigers, we are the cubs!]

  •  Shakib Al Hasan – One of the best All Rounder’s in the World.

8. South Africa: Inspiring new ways to choke, always!

  • AB Dillivers – Known as the “The Magician” in the cricketing World.One batsmen who  makes batting look so easy all around the wicket.
  • Imran Tahir – Watch out for this spinner on the India tracks.
  • Amla – Is capable of scoring 50 in every game.
  • Miller – “When in the Arc it goes out the Park “ and boy ohhhhhhhh boy he does what he says.

9. West Indies [Gayle Bimaar, hum baahar!]

  • Gayle – Ohhhhhhh is there anyone in the world who hits the ball has hard and long as him. Believe Me He has a long and hard one aswell.
  • Russell – Slowly and steadily has become one of the best all rounder’s in the World. Close to Gayle for hitting the ball hard and high.
  • Dwayne Bravo – Specialist for T20 with his variations with the ball and hitting with the bat.

Players Preview: Rachit – Chi-Vic, Bob-Sidd, Rahul, Mo-Hussey


The very definition of excitement and living in his kingdom of happiness is our residential favorite Rachit. A slight deterioration in excitement of cricket has questionably lowered a very deep knowledge of cricket. Never finished in the top three of any auctions and this could be the year to change that. Clearly one of the most familiarized with the names in our auctions of players but that knowledge has never yet translated into a win. Last year saw a less aggressive strategy from the previous ones where he found gems but at the cost of four dead players.


Strengths: Extensive player knowledge and great enthusiasm for the game.

Weakness: Over-thinking a little and obsession with Indian based players. Only bids when interested in a player!

Odds to win: 4/1



High-rollers and money ball experts pulled off a huge coup when they won the last World Cup 2015 with brilliant picks of Guptill, Dhawan and company. They will definitely start as underdogs but look out as these guys can achieve the impossible!


Strengths: Keep it uncomplicated and simple!

Weakness: Player knowledge and punctuality.

Odds to win: 7/1



Magic is this guy’s middle name as in each auctions has days where he outscores all and then has days when he won’t score at all! Past auctions has seen him be let down bu his big guys but his strategy his sound. A partnership with Sidd could give him a boost to finally win the auctions.


Strengths: Addition of Sidd, extensive cricket knowledge, good gut feeling.

Weakness: Punctuality.

Odds to win: 4/1



Just one word here – Luck. If this guy gets his luck in check with injuries this is his auction. No flaw really, always has a great team just let down by injuries!


Strengths: Great team selection ability, balanced cricket knowledge.

Weakness: Luck on injuries.

Odds to win: 5/1



The brothers will arrive with a point to prove at the auctions after their spectacular collapse at the previous auctions. With a year worth of experience in their vaults, they will look to turn things around this season.


Strengths: Amazing knowledge between the two. Research ability very high.

Weakness: Can be one dimensional when bidding. Will be distracted if a football game is going on during the auctions.

Odds to win: 5/1

Players Preview: Dishin – Sachin – Piyush


The favorite to win this year at auctions once more and how he would love to add this victory to his collection of numerous achievements ranging from IPL 2015 Auction Champion, Cricinfo Fantasy Champion, Official Cricket World Cup Fantasy Champion, UEFA Champions League Champion [3 Years], Yahoo Fantasy Football Champion [5 Years], Official Barclays Fantasy Premier League Champion [Undefeated] and last but not least the winner of the coveted Because You Are Who You Are 2015 Winner! The list is literally endless.


Strengths: In depth knowledge of the game, reads and understands rules better than anyone else. Excellent research on conditions and balance of money at auctions.

Weakness: None.

Odds to Win: 1/1



The best auction player in the history of the setting gang auctions. Statistically the highest rated as well as the most fearless. His domination of the IPL 2015 auctions still goes down in our history as tactically one of the shrewdest moments where he picked up seven bowlers at a rat-a-tat pace. The overpaying of Trent Boult in that auction cost him maybe another batsman which would have surely seen him In the top two. What he will do this year is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure – it will be f***ing memorable.


Strengths: Out of the box thinking, fearlessness, excellent money distribution.

Weakness: A busy lifestyle could lead to lack of research pre-tournament.

Odds to Win: 1.5/1



This is my pick to win the auctions this year and my bold claim is backed by his unbelievable performances in cricket drafts and overall encyclopedic knowledge of cricket in the past year. Well connected, informed and a strategic development in his game will see him challenge the great pillars and institutions of our auctions namely Dishin & Sachin. His memorable mix-up with Dhawan in last year’s auctions was a rare misstep for him but he made up for it by winning the first ever King of the Ring 2015 competition.


Strengths: Information is organized and processed via excellent connections to twitter and other internet reading sites.

Weakness: Can get confused with over complicated rules, mathematical question mark on concentration over large pockets of time.

Odds to Win: 1.5/1


  1. All players are categorized into:

DIAMOND: Players Base Price set at 100 Units.

GOLD: Players Base Price set at 75 Units.

SILVER: Players Base Price set at 50 Units.

BRONZE: Players Base Price set at 25 Units.

  1. The auctions start on March 2nd 2016 at roughly 6 pm at Arabian Ranches Golf Course. We kindly request everyone to reach promptly before 6 pm.
  2. All 9 players in the auctions are allowed to buy a maximum of 15 players. The only condition is all are solely responsible to buy 3 BATSMEN, 3 BOWLERS AND 1 WICKET KEEPER. The remaining can be comprised of any combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, All-Rounders or Wicket Keepers. All classifications made are final.
  3. All 9 players can spend a maximum of 2,250 Units only.
  4. The auctions kicks-off with random people picking 3 players starting from the pots marked DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE. Example: Rachit picks three players first from the pot marked DIAMOND, then Bob three from GOLD, then Rahul three from SILVER, then Sachin three from BRONZE and then back to DIAMOND and this cycle will continue till all players have been auctioned.
  5. An unsold player will be demoted to one pot below from the one he remained unsold from. Example: A DIAMOND pot player unsold will be relegated to the GOLD pot and so on. Players unsold will be auctioned only after first round of picks are completed.
  6. The auction master’s sale of a player is final once sold.
  7. We do urge all players to keep breaks and interruptions to a minimum so as to conclude auctions in a fair and quick manner.
  8. Players classified as DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE will be released by FEB 2016 second week as all official teams have to be announced by Feb 6-12, 2016. We highly encourage players to debate if they feel a player has been wrongly classified.

Auction Master: Swappy

                               We got him!

The T20 World Cup Technical Auction Committee (Dishin, Rachit & Romy) is proud to announce after lengthy contractual and legal meetings, Swapneel Shah has agreed to takeover as Auction Master for 2016 T20 World Cup. The committee had ear-marked Swappy (his nickname) for this high profile job and finally this week after months of talks between the two parties a resolution was reached which sealed the deal for both parties.

Swappy in Focus: HE will be the first ever questionably Non-Aryan not residing in the Indian Archipelago on a permanent basis to host the auctions.His foreign accent will bring sounds un-heard in the hallowed halls of the auctions and should make for a memorable evening.

Side Note: The fees agreed for Swappy’s services are confidential and if leaked, the leaker is liable to die from a heart attack upon learning the numbers. The T20 World Cup Technical Committee takes no responsibility.



The Royal Rumble: 2016


The new feature for our World Cup T20 Auctions will be *The Royal Rumble*!

Results after the NZ-AUS ODI Series were surprising as we had a tie between Dishin and Bob! The odds for that to happen are less than a person getting up in the morning and choosing a red shirt to wear! And if that wasn’t enough, Piyush just managed to beat Chi/Vic (albeit with a little assistance from Swappy!) by four points! Sachin was the other winner and he beat Rachit by just under a 100 points.

On the flip side to that of course was the dismal performances by Romy and Rahul who managed to bring up the rear in their respective groups. Even though Mo-Hussey came last in their group, it was not a bad effort at all. Their pick of Khwaja was to be commended but that entire group missed Matt Henry is a mystery.

After the first qualifier, we have our first entries into the Rumble, i.e.

Number 1: Rahul – Number 2: Romy – Number 3: Mo-Hussey – Number 4: Rachit – Number 5: Chi/Vic

The winners of the group (Dishin, Bob, Sachin, Piyush) will play the SA-ENG T20 drafts. Each player will choose six players. Draft date will be released on chat.

T20 World Cup Auctions Sheet [Click this link to see your score on the Royal Rumble Tab!]



World Cup Auctions 2016


Finally we will have the auctions after a year’s sabbatical! And it has been a long wait indeed. The rules have changed this time mainly due to the fact we want our IPl Auctions and T20 World Cup Auctions to be different in case of burn out!

The rules at their core will remain the same such as:

  • Three players from each team only.
  • 3 Batsmen, 3 Bowlers, 1 Wicket-Keeper are a must. The balance players that will make up your eleven can be any combination of batsmen, bowlers or all – rounders.
  • 14 players can be bought maximum and 11 minimum.

More details to follow soon on player prices!