Season 5 Game 3 Results

A 6-1 scoreline was just that. A mauling at the hands of a superior team where each individual surpassed expectations while the other team dawdled and twiddled their thumbs.  Let me offer some more clarity:

Swappy: A man of the match performance for me where I see someone releasing his shortcomings and finding a new home in a new position. He excelled in all parts of the pitch and really I am a believer. #SwapArmy4Lif3. Still hasn’t scored for four weeks but who’ counting….not me!

Sidd: I have kept over a year now along with Bharat and both of us have never ever come close to a clean sheet. He marshalled his defence superbly and with intricate saves made clean sheets an easy thing. What a player – scores goals for fun and can add a clean sheet feather in his cap too. Superb performance! Yellow card was removed as the referee was having fun.

Rachit: No one hits a football as hard as this guy. No one. Brilliant play in midfield by him and unlocked the opposition defence to ensure the second half would be a breeze. Waited for Rajesh to recover when the others were busy pretending to score on target. A touch of class from a class player.

Chirag: Is there a better defender in the game at the moment? Is there someone who blocks more shots? No, there isn’t and this man should take a bow. Unbelievable defending.

Sachin & Bharat: Quiet, under-appreciated and they get the job done. Make no mistake these two are uncomplicated and do not waste time with glory hunting. So underrated that it is borderline criminal. More of the same please!

The Huss: You want this guy on your team. Annoying, awkward and cumbersome to play against but one cannot deny his positives when he is on your team. Yes, he got three yellow cards and he is going to get someone bad at some point but this is just a matter of time before this will be phased out of his game and out will blossom a very special player. The sooner it happens, the better for the rest of us.

I have seen a lot of games for more than a year but I have never seen such a complete performance from a team. It was an absolute treat to watch them play, pity I was in the other team. Oh well, there’s always next week!



Welcome to the 2017 IPL Auctions! The new set of rules are:


  • Minimum of 11 players have to be bought.
  • Maximum of 17 players.
  • Minimum 3 batsmen & 3 bowlers.
  • All wicker-keepers are considered as batsmen.
  • Points will be taken from your best eleven with the condition being of course the points from your respective highest 3 batsmen & 3 bowlers.
  • Three players allowed from one franchise.
  • Four players allowed from the franchise you have bought.
  • Once a player has received no bids in an auction he goes directly to the second round of auctions.
  • Point system from the official IPLT20 game.
  • Each franchise team win nets you 20 points.


  • One trade per player before the IPL.
  • No restrictions at all. Transfer bowler to batsmen or bowler to all rounder, etc.
  • No approvals needed.
  • Once you have set your trade with another player just mention it before the IPL starts on April 5th in the Whats App chat.
  • Only condition being the 3 players per franchise rule or 4 players if you are the owner of that respective franchise.


  • 3 transfers per player to be used anytime before all teams play 12 games.
  • Transfers will be between the players you have bought and the players that remained unsold.
  • No additional transfers will be given if your player in injured, recalled for international duty, etc.
  • Transfers will be given on the basis of who listed a player’s name in chat first.
  • Only condition being the 3 players per franchise rule or 4 players if you are the owner of that respective franchise.
  • New players entering the IPL will be entered into the unsold players list every Friday only at Noon. If a player is added on Monday, he will only enter the game on Noon the coming Friday.
  • Transfers will cost units, i.e. units left in auctions plus player sold will refund you a value to buy unsold players. Unsold players will have values going up and down depending on performances.


  • 5 loans per player to be used before all teams play the knock-outs, i.e. all 14 games.
  • Loans only count for 1 game.
  • A player can be loaned out for batsmen-batsmen / bowler-bowler / all rounder – all rounder. The logic is that since 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers are minimum this statistic should not be skewed by interchanging disciplines.
  • Players must mention their loans in the Whats App chat.
  • Player being loaned out will have his game counted. Examples:
  1. Raina out Pandya In. Raina has played three games and Pandya four games. Raina gets Pandya’s game 5 points for his game 3. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.
  2. Raina out Pandya In. Raina has played three games and Pandya two games. Then Pandya’s points from game 3 will count for Raina’s game 4 points. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.
  3. Raina out Pandya in. Both have played three games. Pandya’s points from game 3 will be Raina’s points for game 3. Raina returns to the player for his game 4.


  • Auction is set at 3,000 units.
  • Elimination Chamber is set at 500 units.
  • Ranches contribution is 200 units.
  • Minimum bid for franchises is 100 units. Closed bidding.
  • In case of tie, a randomizer will be used.


Invites have been sent out and you can find the link them below:

IPL 2017 Spreadsheets

Good luck! A Whats App chat will be started soon to make communication easier. Rules can be amended but in a nut-shell this will be the set of rules for now.


TEAM 1: Swap-Rachit-Bharat-Sidd-Chirag-Huss-Sachin

TEAM 2: AK-Rahul-Mo-Piyush-Rajesh-Vicky-Romy

The teams are in and boy oh boy, we got a controversial set-up this week. Bharat & Sidd together, Chirag & Huss versus Rajesh & Vicky defending on opposite teams and with the best player in my opinion returning, i.e. AK and Swap not having scored for three weeks and due this has all the ingredients for a Vegetarian Chicken , whatever that is!

Chirag, Huss, Mo, AK and Sachin are on double points so there is a lot to play for and with all of them being veterans, experience is gonna be huge here! My money is on the Mo as he absolutely had Swap in his pocket last game! Go Grasshoppers!!

Players to look out for:

  • AK – The best player returns and he will be hungry after his last season’s miss in the semi finals. Memories of traffic anyone?
  • Swappy – Seriously, the little genius will score this week. Surely. Right?
  • Mo – The midfield maestro is back and will look to add to his goal tally for the season. His nemesis Sidd is on the other side. Evil evil Piyush, muhahahaha!
  • Sidd: The man of the moment and with his double edged belief in himself this guy is the one to watch. Scores for fun, blocks like the wall and will be the differential. Quiet game from him could be the key to victory for the other side.
  • Vicky: Can he be Man of the Match a third time. Hell f00kin Yes!

Captain cards are also available for this game but not to those on the catch-up games.


Season 5: Game 2 Results

An absolutely classic for the ages which left no doubt that this was a great team selection and once more gave us a little bit too much to talk about! I will now take questions from the floor:

Rachit: Abey ye sab chod, whats the result?

Romy: The game will be a draw and everyone will be awarded 1 point. The league and rules were set in place well before and a heat of the moment decision gives the game a deserved end. But overall, we will call it a draw.

Sidd: Fuck you Romy what gives you the right to do this?

Romy: I believe in Unicorns and that makes me special.

Rajesh: Is Vicky taking ability enhancing substances?

Romy: 2 goals, best defender, infinite blocks, assists and interceptions with two arguably man of the match performances. Whatever he is taking, I hope he continues to do so! Best player on the pitch these days. Full Stop.

Aman: I saw Sidd and Vicky fighting. Can you tell them to stop?

Romy: Grown men fight and hopefully these two will sort it out before one gets injured. Saying 1-1 after fouling someone is borderline petulant and one hopes a middle aged man can grow beyond these things. Saying that, fouling a keeper is also not very nice and all should try not to charge at keepers in the box!

Bharat: There was a crazy man screaming all the time! I think I have an ear block. Can you help?

Romy: Rachit was happy and this lovable care-bear was very happy yesterday. He literally screamed the first goal of the game which personally I thought was unfair as screaming at an incoming player disturbs concentration. Even when he was keeping, shouting for a ball when coming out when an attacker is coming in, puts the attacker off. This is an irrefutable fact. Screaming is fine but when you are a couple of yards away from a player is disturbing. Thankfully, Valentine’s day is over and we do not have to worry about Rachit’s screaming for another year.

Rahul: Why am I being royally screwed every week?

Romy: Last week we took his handball which he saw away when the game was 4-4 and now we take his points away from penalty. You got me here bud, apologies from my side and hopefully in the coming weeks we can do better by you.

Rachit: I don’t scream, I just have a manly voice compared to your girly voice Romy!

Romy: Be nice.

Rachit: Anyways, where did Chigu get that sexy green outfit. Green is my secret favorite color and I could not concentrate!

Romy: You can buy the outfit at all leading malls in Dubai you closet fab…Dil Dil…

Swappy: I still have not scored !

Romy: We know but you are related to Piyush so we wont say anything about you not scoring for three weeks. But we never said we wont type it!

The Huss: In the FA Cup there are replays or penalties! Why not here?

Romy: This is not the FA Cup.

Sidd: You cannot get away with this Romy, Karma will get you!

Romy: Dude you are in my life. Karma already got me.

Thanks all for reading and apologies for the confusion. This is a league make no mistake about it.

Chirag and The Huss will have their catch-up cards changed to next week due to this confusion.



Season 5 Game 2 Team News

Piyush dropped a bomb late last night with one of the most unorthodox team compositions ever.

Team 1: Sachin – Bharat – Swappy – Aman – Chirag – Vicky – Romy

Team 2: Bob/Sidd – Piyush – Rachit – Mo – Rahul – The Huss – Rajesh

This diabolically evil teams have so much going on – Team 1 has the dribblers, in form keeper, in form defenders and the lethal strikers in Bharat & Sachin. There is a lack of power here and the worrying form of Swappy to content with. Having Bharat gives them options in goal and attack. Swappy can play anywhere on the pitch and the trick would be to keep him away from Mo!

Team 2 has the power and boy its dynamite! Rahul, Rachit, Mo, The Huss & Piyush on their day can tear the opposition apart. There is a school of thought that their accuracy on the day will decide the game. Also, with Bob/Sidd being in goal creates a sort of haze to the final definition of this team. If Bob plays, Sidd comes in thankfully as a referee and if he does not then Sidd comes in as a goal-keeper. Leaders in this team look like Rajesh, Mo & Piyush but the tactical nous of Rahul & Rachit will also play a key role if they decide to be vocal.

The deliciousness of this team selection is so sinister that at first glance it looks like all the balance is in making a close game but look deeper and all revelations pop! Players who won the first game and divided almost equally! Oh the mind of a vegetarian – salute.

A 90 minute game will bring its own challenges – stamina management and card discipline mainly. The defenders are the ones most expected to be disciplined and a red card could be the difference here. Injuries could occur as this is the first time such a long game has been tried. Play safe and be rewarded for coming away unscathed from a 90 minute game is the ultimate trophy.

Players to watch out for:

  • Man of the match Vicky is the one here as his stamina and form will be looked upon in game 2.
  • Rahul is due a big game and could explode for a few goals.
  • Rajesh for his on-field captaincy.
  • Mo for absolutely owning Swap in the finals is back and will be rubbing his hands with glee for a second bite at Swappy.

The cracker will be lit tomorrow so do not be late!

Season 5, Game 1 Review

There was a storm at All Star Sport and it was called The First Game of Season 5. Not to beat around the bush but this game could have been won by any-side.

  • Sachin-Swappy-Piyush-Rachit-Vicky-Romy = 3 Points
  • Bharat-Rajesh-Rahul-AK-Abhi = 1 Point
  • Sidd = 1 Yellow Card = 0 Points

Highlights of Game 1

  1. Sidd went down with a twisted ankle and sat out the game almost getting three points.  In the short time he played, he picked up a yellow card for being over-friendly with Rachit.
  2. Bharat was picked on by Sidd and it finally dawned on Bharat what we all at football knew – Sidd wanted a sister…
  3. Vicky is an action packed defender who pretty much helped his team break-up play and block shots like a man possessed. Man of the match for me!
  4. Rachit is the best man to have your team when a season starts. He has now won every game he has played the first time in each season. He had goals, assists, interceptions and blocked shots in one game!
  5. Controversy: The hand-ball at 5-5 from Vicky which I personally thought came off Abhi. Rahul & Abhi had a valid point here and it makes the case for a referee as the game is so fast that sometimes in the moment different opinions can sour the moment. The way Rahul & Abhi handled it was all class and appreciated very much.
  6. Piyush settled another game with the final goal of the match. Sachin’s defending is the second half is the most under-rated thing in football as he broke up play three times in the oppositions half and had two blinding assists!
  7. Swappy man-marking AK was a feather in Swap’s cap and helped his team win. Good stuff!
  8. That drop kick almost went in by Abhi by the way!




Season 5: Game 1 Team News

Season 5

Season 5 opens with an absolute doosra as the game will be a rapid fire 6 versus 6. With plans being changed at the last minute, a cliffhanger is on the cards with a dynamic permutation of players!



  • Reserve Players: Bobby, Nics
  • Cancelled: Chirag

Logic and Explanation:

With only two regular defenders playing this week, they have been kept part as one team has The Wall, Rajesh versus the Human Dynamo, Vicky. Both teams will be pressured to find the second defender and rotation will be key in this tactical battle for the first game of the season.

Team 1 has the dribble, stamina and regular keeper plus Swappy as player of the season works symbiotically with the Sach & Piyush connection.

Team 2 has the raw power and more rotational choices plus has Rajesh who was (and still is!) the best defender of last season. Rajesh synergises well with AK as both share a telepathic connection on the pitch.

Bonus cards are available for this game.

Season 5 Rules & Regulations


The new season starts with the fading memory of Rachit holding aloft a deserving trophy for season 4. He received various plaudits from across the globe:

“What a Man” – Sachin

“Legend” –  Sidd 

*He won cos he worksout with determination, dedication & devotion” – Romy

The new season will begin with huge changes in-store focusing on reducing injuries, hassle of picking, captains incapable of picking. The rules are as below:

  1. This is a 14 game season – league style.
  2. Wins = 3 Points, Loss = 1 Point, Draw = 1 Point.
  3. Each player has TWO BONUS CARDS they can use: Win = 5 Points, Loss = 0 Points, Draw = 1 Point. If you feel this game week, you have a great team use you BONUS CARD!
  4. Yellow Card = -1 Point, Red Card = -2 Points, Late = -1 Point. Late is defined as game has started and the person was missing.
  5. If you injure a player, you leave the pitch as well till the player returns. This only counts for that game week.
  6. Players will be picked by the admins to make sure a balance is there every week. In case of someone not showing up on game day, teams will be re-picked before the game.

Additional Rules

  1. No wearing football studs.
  2. Respect the referee. Their decision is final.
  3. Admins for Season 5: Piyush-Rachit-Rajesh-Romy.

Please leave your views in the chat for suggestions and positive criticism. Good Luck.

Season 4 Game 8: Sachin v Chirag

The last game of the season followed the pattern of unpredictability and once again showed that team selection can mean squat if people do not come on time or are not properly motivated. Chirag’s team won the game 8-3 but Sachin has a dreadful start as peoplewere late to the game and a proper formation could not be established. And like a snowball unleashed from the top of a mountain which becomes an avalanche at the bottom this football game was very much like that. Heart & Soul from Chirag’s team made them the deserving winners.

Ratings out of 5

Chirag (5.0) Rajesh (5.0) Bharat (3.5) Sidd (4.5) AK (4.5) Rachit (5.0) Huss (4.5)

Sachin (4.5) Piyush (3.5) Abhi (3.0) Mo (3.0) Rahul (3.0) Swappy (1.5) Romy (2.0)

Flop of the Week: People coming late – were they late when they were captains? Though only a few minutes late this is absolutely bananas that someone can not make on time whereas others have come on time when they were captain.

Star of the Week: Chirag and Rajesh are the new pillars of creation. They were and make no mistake about this absolute paragons of defending. The way they defended kept a clean sheet in the first half and allowed marauding attacks on the other side. Their tackling was clean and showed once more why they should never be picked on the same team.

Sidd’s Corner: Pavarotti might be dead but there is a new tenor is town who can bellow among the finest. Siddarth Sudhakar has arrived. The man was on fire, making runs, goal keeping and scoring a few just to cap a fine performance all round. My personal favorite and tip to win the season and be warned, the Sidd is Hungry.


Season 4 Game 6: Bharat v Romy

This game was started and mired in controversy ever since the fixture was announced. The animosity between these two captains ran deep superficially at least. Romy dropped the first bomb with team selection picked out of the box picks thanks largely to an obsession to loyalty as well as wanting to be in the spotlight. What a drama queen! Rachit dropped the second bomb with still being injured leading to a shuffle in formation not seen since Mel Gibson played the lead role in the poker movie Maverick! So what happens when you mix:

Romy+Bharat+Romy team selection+Rachit injury 

You then get this amazing formation, i.e.

Vicky in attack + Romy in defense + Rachit in goal +A fit Zia + A cameo by Mushtaq

Which equals to

A game of epicness!! Bharat 4 Romy 3 but it was so much more than that!

Ratings out of 5

Bharat (3.5) Swappy (5.0) AK (4.5) Chirag (4.5) Sidd (4.5) Abhi (3.5) Nics (3.5)

Romy (3.5) Rajesh (5.0) Vicky (5.0) Rachit (4.5) Piyush (5.0) Zia (4.0) Sachin (4.5)

Flop of the Week: I think an injury of this nature has not happened for awhile and something must happen to prevent such a situation. A solution has been put forward to set up an arbitration committee comprising of Piyush, Rajesh and Rachit. Once more, Bharat is not being blamed or singled out here but the situation is being used to create an awareness and hence a solution. This is not a witch hunt.

Disappointment of the Week: Nics has had an extraordinary season sometimes even surpassing what mere mortals are capable of. He has broken the design of God and done super human things this season. But, his reaction to Vicky in chat is a disappointment as well as uncalled for. There is no room for such behavior among civilized people and once more my gratitude to Vicky is extended as he has let this go. But Nics, I have not that I assure you. You have been warned.

Star of the Week: Romy’s team came together and left the game with their heads held high. They defied the odd books to play their hearts out. Fuckin heroes the lot of them! The crime sometimes with words are that their limited to sometimes explain how good they were. Piyush and Vicky excelled in the work rates, Sachin played a blinder before getting injured, Zia was a maverick up front, Rachit was the Wall and Rajesh was taller than Everest! Heroes, the lot of them!

Sidd’s Corner: A maturity has dawned and the man coated in controversy and wrapped in drama was someone you can look up to today. A wonderfully played all-round game but hell we missed the theatrics! Good Stuff 🙂

Moment of the game: Rachit’s heroics in goal being shadowed by the one which went under him. The moment was his reaction when he punched the ground in frustration. A man to be followed and a man after my own heart. Head up old chap, you were a star today!