Bob’s Mavericks

Bobby won the 2017 IPL amid a flux of cat-calls from the rafters and he answered them explicitly when the won the damn thing. The shock waves of his win are still legendary and if he were to repeat then I fear it would break the world as we know it.

Diet: Vegetarian

Favorite Player: McCullum, Unadkat!

IPL 2018 Aspirations: This year no one will make the mistake of under-estimating him and he will have to pay a pretty penny for his favorites. Still his love of cricket is second to none and knowledge is deep and insightful. His team will be great and loo for him to bowl a few googlies at the auctions!

IPL 2018 League Table

1Bob’s Mavericks00
1Dishin’s Value Town00
1Piyush’s Aces00
1Rachit’s Dancers00
1Rahuls Crypto X100
1Romy’s Runners-Ups00
1Sachin’s Royals00